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Ace Attorney DS: Casemaker 1.1

+ MP3 playing is now fixed, no more crashing!+ Movie support+ Correct SFX for buttons+ Fixed lagging custom animation+ Fixed testimony prompt====================================================Delete the AADS/sfx/mp3 folder, it causes some flash card to crash due to running out of data. Some cards, such as the R4TF, will not crash. Check to see if indeed your card crashes to decide whether or not to delete it. Removing MP3 support with not adhere the application's functionality.Ace Attorney DS reads from .ini files which fill in variables needed for the case to run. This engine, or in other words "Casemaker", comes with 113 profile sprites, 280 evidence sprites, 99 maps and 941 animations (pre-scripted for you, from Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright : Justice For All). Using these resources and the knowledge of the .ini functions, you can basically re-create a Phoenix Wright game, with your own custom plot, characters, evidence/profiles, maps/collision maps, and music. Don't feel limited to only being able to make Phoenix Wright games, this is a visual novel engine with unlimited possibilities if you have ideas. A fanfiction can be played out, for instance, through this application with the necessary sprites and script. Simply put, Ace Attorney DS is a game-maker.I also realize that many of you may or may not be familiar of Phoenix Wright games and their genre. That is why I have included several tutorials on how to use this application to its fullest capabilities and learn how to create your own games or visual novels using the engine. It can take a long time to go through every single tutorial, so I'm asking if it's possible that you guys may not judge the book by its cover and flip through the tutorials, learning how the application works. Thank you very much!INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS1. Simply place Ace Attorney DS.nds and the AADS folder into the root of your flash card.2. Boot the ROM from whatever firmware you may be using and enjoy!HOW TO USEIn the separate folder on the root of your flash card, named AADS, there are several folders inside. Navigate to AADS/cases/caseselection.ini and you will be able to see the case selection list used to determine the amount of cases and the folders the ROM should look for to start the cases. If you move further in, at AADS/cases/ini, there are several folders containing .ini files that the ROM reads. These .ini files are the basis of cases, and are used to define variables required by the casemaker to run. If you start the ROM up on hardware, you can begin take the tutorials (there are 30) to learn how to use the functions that are readable by the .ini files. Have fun!MISC.The application has DSMotion support. If you're wondering how, you can browse through the court record by tilting the DS in several directions. Also, you can press Start to save the game and suspend play.I'm also asking if it's possible that my GUI not be ripped since I made most of the entire GUI used in the ROM.EXAMPLES OF USAGE+ Fanfictions+ Ace Attorney-based games+ Visual thriller novels (such as Hotel Dusk)+ Plot-based video games

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