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A config for playing wiimote only games using a gamepad on Dolphin 2021-02-25

Someone on Dolphin forum uploaded this intended for Skyward Sword but it works for any Wii game and I feel I made it a bit better. I am able to use my right analog stick as a pointer so games like Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime 3, Sonic & the Secret Rings etc... that are exclusive to Wii and can only be played with a Wiimote work with a controller. Try it out and if you have any thoughts about it positive or negative let me know. Don't expect perfection and some games just will never work well with this method and always require a wiimote but it's the best possible solution that I know of to play some of these games with a controller. Seems to work well with Punch-Out!! from the brief time I tried it but that didn't require any pointing from what i played.

Put the .ini in your Dolphin directory (most likely in Documents unless you made it portable) in \Config\Profiles\Wiimote and load it as a controller profile.
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