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3D Mech DEMO 103109

Hey everyone... I'm new to 3D on the DS so there's a lot of tweaking to do, but I'm very pleased with the results so far and wanted to see if I could draw a little feedback if at all possible. This is... I guess about 3-4 weeks starting with no knowledge of OpenGL nor modeling.

This is just an untextured/uncolored mech (with a few lights on her) walking. The mech was modeled in Blender and converted using the PLY export and a plytods conversion utility found with a google search.

DPad rotates the head and guns. I've got some bleed (not sure if it happens on hardware, my new Acekard comes on Monday) on the gun barrel but should be able to work that out. I need to test on hardware to get the poly count and might have to simplify it more and rely on textures to get it looking nicer... but time will tell.

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