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3 Weeks In Paradise 1.0

Game Title : 3 Weeks In Paradise Based on : Classic ZX Spectrum game from the 80's Graphics ripped from : PC Based version of same game Sound ripped from : Some from PC version, some sampled from original spectrum version. All coding by : Bootlegger Game testing by : Bootlegger Keys:-----D-Pad: Moves wally left, right, up and downA Button : JumpB Button : Use Item(s)/FireLeft Shoulder Button : Pick up/Drop Inventory Item 1Right Shoulder Button : Pick up/Drop Inventory Item 2Start : Start game when on intro screenIdea behind game:-----------------This is a puzzle game. It requires some strange thinking to complete some of the puzzles. The idea is to utilise the scattered objects in certain ways with other objects and/or with scenery. As you complete parts of the puzzle, other items may appear or you may complete part of the puzzle. You need to complete 100% of the puzzles to free your wife (wilma) and son (herbert) and escape the island.Project info:-------------This has always been one of my favourite games of the Wally series from the ZX Spectrum. Although I have ripped the graphics and sounds from the PC version I unfortunately have not been unable to request the use of these graphics and sounds from the original producers as all the weblinks to the PC version are no longer valid - If any of the orignal producers of the PC conversion are reading this I would appreciate it if you would get in touch to allow me to officially use these items.FAQ's=====Whats all this stuff on the screen?:------------------------------------The top 2/3rds of the screen are dedicated to the game scenery and play area. The bottom third is a panel that shows what 2 items you are carrying, the amount of lives you have left, the quantity of the puzzle complete, and the status of wilma and herbert. The quantity of puzzle complete is identified by a raft - the more you complete the more of the raft is shown. Upon freeing both wilma and herbert, the raft should be 100% complete and then you must make your way to the escape point to get off the island. The very bottom of the screen is reverved for helpful text which is displayed on some screens.Is there a cheat mode as the game seems too difficult?------------------------------------------------------Yes there is a cheat mode however you will have to either examine the sourcecode to work out how to activate it, or modify the code and recompile it - HINT - very similair to way the cheat mode was activated on the original spectrum version. After a lot of practice it is possible to complete it without cheating.What is the solution to the game?---------------------------------If I told you that it would spoil all the fun wouldn't it!If you are finding it difficult or are just stumped at how to achieve something simply do a search on the web for 3 weeks in paradise solution - you should find many solutions. This is what I did to ensure I wrote the puzzle correctly!Screens seems very dark, can this be adjusted?----------------------------------------------The screen is very dark and I have found using and GBA SP or an Original GBA with backlight kit fitted and playing at night in a darkened room is really the best way to play it. There is a gamma correction routine inside the code but this is simply experimental. Please feel free to play with the source code to re-instate the gamme effect.Is there any way to turn off the music or turn on ingame sounds?----------------------------------------------------------------The game was developed with the choice of either music or background sounds in mind, however due to the limitation of the dragon basic development sound system, this proved a little tricky to implement in a practical way so I decided to simply only have music. You can not turn off the music. If you examine the code you will see that ingame sounds have been experimented with and can be re-instated if you wish to hear the effects. Dragon Basic had issues with using both background music and background sounds with the compiler version 1.2 of Dragon Basic with which this was developed.What was this written in?-------------------------The game was written in Dragon Basic - Visit This project took some time to develop and was started when Dragon Basic was still in its infancy. It was developed using V1.2. Dragon Basic is now upto V1.38 and is 1.4 is due for iminent release. I did consider converting the source into V1.38 but the amount of work involved seemed to be the constraint, however many issues (specially with the sound) would have been resolved.Why is the ROM so big?----------------------I am sure if you are a coder you may laugh at the way this has been written.I decided to utilise the PC version of the graphics for ease of use, but all the screens from the PC version were individual 32bit images rather than sprites/graphics that were used to compile the screens. I utlised this method in developing this version. Lots of space could have been saved by doing it through the tiles functions of the GBA but this would have required lots of graphical work and I am not a graphics artist - I used what I could get hold of to achieve what I wanted - this is the result - be happy with it. Feel free to re-design if you wish!!It doesn't do {fill in own issue} like the original used to - why not?----------------------------------------------------------------------It is difficult to get a game spot on perfect. I utilised the graphics from the PC version which was based on the ZX Spectrum 48K version, not the 128K version - this means there are a few less screens that you may remember (33 as oppossed to ~38). Some simple graphics have been missed such as the blinking eyes and the bird that sits around on some objects. These are all little items and I felt it more important to get the big issues out of the way, and now i've just run out of time and enthusiam to do those little nigily items.

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