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1964 - Advance Wars Days of Ruin (USA)

This is a 100% complete save game. This is for the American Version.1964 - Advance Wars Days of Ruin (USA)All 26 out of 26 Chapters completed.All CO's have been unlocked - Brenner,Lin,Isabella,Tasha,Gage,Forsythe,Waylon,Greyfield,Penny,Tabitha,Caulder.9 Trial Maps have been completed - Others have been unlocked for you to try.Ability to change the colours of the CO's unlocked.53 out of 270 Medals collected - 50 hours played so far, try and get the rest.R4DS save file.Enjoy.Note: Go into the Single DS Menu, Choose 'Campaign' and select 'Continue' to see all 26 Chapters. A gold star appears on the save description to say the game has been finished.Chapter 24 & Chapter 26 were difficult, try them.Special Note: Custom 4 Player level has been created called 'Red Cross'. Let me know if you like it.

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