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0052 - Another Code - Two Memories (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

This is a 100% complete save game for Another Code. It is the European Version.0052 - Another Code - Two Memories (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)The game should detect which region/language upon loading depending on your DS setup.The game has been completed.Save Game 1 (Top Save)This is saved at the start of the final chapter, chapter 6. Ashley has just used the Another machine to check Richard's memory(Her father). You will need to go through the north door from within the chamber and down the stairs to proceed to the end. Once at the bottom of the stairs go through the cave to see the true identity of your mother's killer (Sayoko) Examine your 'DAS cards' and 'Another pages' to learn different parts of the story - (See Extra Note). You will be accompanied by Daniel(D) - A ghost(Thomas son) and your father, Richard.Extra Note about this save:If you want to have a look at the DAS (Dual Another System) features you will need to examine the Another machine in the chamber. To do this, move Ashley to the machine and touch press the magnifying glass in the top right, or press button 'A'. You must be close to the machine to do this. It will print a message on screen, but once it has done this it will load your DAS for you. (Looks like a NDS) Using this you can examine the pictures/photographs collected throughout the game and examine items/notes etc.. The DAS was used from the earlier chapters, but on the final chapter it is taken away from you as it becomes irrelevant - served its' purpose.Save Game 2 (Completed - Bottom Save)This save has been completed. You can tell by the 'star' which appears in the save game file. If you load this save you will start from the beginning of the game, chapter 1. If you want to see the ending you must load Save Game 1.This is a 100% Finished game.R4DS Save file (v1.18)Enjoy!PS: A good game, recommended for its' story & puzzles. It kept my interest from start to finish.

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