So, I'm not too happy with myself. I had my road test on Tuesday and I failed. I turned left in front of someone who was going straight, thought I had enough time but the instructor didn't think so. Although I totally annihilated parallel parking and the rest of it. It sucks so much.. I have to wait till August 17th for my next test :(. I hope my nerves are a little better on my second try, at least no one that I know got it on their first try :D Anyway, in other news:

- I downloaded a CAM of Harry Potter Part 2 and I must say it was quite good. Although I was able to predict most of it without reading the book or whatever.

- My brother's PS3 came in the mail, it's a BC model and I'm pretty jealous. Now we can game online together :D

- I updated my Mac Mini to 10.7 Lion and I'm pretty happy with it so far, other than I'm gonna have to get some more RAM because of the extra the OS uses now. I'm buying some on eBay - 2 x 4GB for $55, I'm pretty excited about that too, I've been meaning to upgrade for awhile now.



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