This happened.

I probably shouldn't post this but I just don't care.

On Tuesday (Sept 30) I went to work as usual, started my shift (07:00AM-15:00PM) and then I saw one of the managers (he's a pretty cool guy) so I decided to speak to him about the shifts which actually I should've been on the Late (11:00PM-19:00PM) rather than the Early but due to no one telling me of that update (I normally would've have the same shift for every week), I wasn't aware and he said he'd see if I could maintain on the Early shifts (as I preferred that one because I could visit the markets and other food stores plus leave early from work) -- Here it's all okay, but it gets depressingly worse next.

After taking my break at 1:30PM to 2:00PM which was usually in a stockroom with a sofa, I ate and then took a nap of 20 mins afterwards I woke up and got back to work, though I came across a different manager which wanted to speak about my breaks, how long they were (he believed that I went on break from 1:00PM to 2:00PM) and that I shouldn't take my breaks in the stockroom (due to safety but honestly I've never had a problem before he was in the Toys department) and lastly, that I was doing the wrong shift (I was like, I wasn't aware of it).

I started to get annoyed & emotionally breaking down (this was the 2-3rd time he spoke to me about it) with the part that he thought I took a break of one fucking hour (I don't really use swearing IRL), and I kept telling him (as if he thought I was lying to him) that it wasn't the case as I kept moving around so which is why he wouldn't see me for long periods of time plus the thing about not-eating-in-the-stockroom he already had warned me about but seriously other staff members do the same (also thought he wouldn't be in) and so I didn't see why that was such an issue (we're all adults so it's our responsibility to be safe and I wasn't fully asleep as I would've awoken at any second if an explosion happened). I never really liked the cafeteria because it's always full and I can't take a break to rest (all the sofas are occupied by others).

Lastly, I called up the other (the cool one, per say) manager to try and sort out the situation, I told him about the situation and he explained about this and that and we both agreed on it to not happen again but unfortunately that douche later on showed up and I just couldn't take it any more as he spouted those lies -- I literally cried as I couldn't hold it any longer, so after that I decided to quit my job as it was doing more harm than good to me mentally and emotionally. I still have a bit of a headache from this.

So that's that. Retail isn't that great (due to staff members & rude customers) and it gets worse when you've got to also take care of deliveries (which was my case and I was doing as fast as I could to get back to the shop floor).

While I understand that I shouldn't have taken my breaks in that room what made it worse were the lies he believed.

Oh yeah, I never got around to asking her out 'cause she wasn't in this week but hey, like they say there's plenty more fish in the sea and by 2020 I intend on leaving the country so it was never going to be anything serious anyway.

P.S.1: I once saw a male staff member masturbating on the room (absolutely gross) and the floor was wet but I didn't snitch him out, although I think he won't do it ever again (if he does and someone sees him or the managers then he'll be more than just fired). There was a bean bag sofa (like this but from the Furby franchise and since it was wet, it was very likely to have been from him so I decided to put that to the god damn trash inside a bag (I used gloves obviously). Didn't get the chance (more like didn't want to because it'd have been really awkward) to speak to him about that 'thing' he done but I assume he knows it not do to again.

P.S.2: I'm not the only one who had problems with this manager as there was someone else who also got offended by him (she's a great girl and someone you can trust but he's a total ass sometimes).

I know I should be looking for a job but for now I'm going to play some Uncharted 2 (on Chapter 7/26).


I'm not sure about the manager, but eating/sleeping in the stockroom is probably a liability issue for the company. Even though you are an adult, if you get hurt in there the company would be liable, and the insurance rates would skyrocket.
From whut i understand Managers are usually Assholes to begin with.....That thing about "Feeling" like they have some sort of Power or Control over U

Easy to understand that the Working Environment can be Hectic especially in Retail But again theres ways to talk to Staff,Workers,Peers,etc......My Roommate recently worked at Target and had a similar situation where His Lead would basically try to Bully him always Lecturing on Breaks he would take,His Lunch time available among other little things and Seemed to always want to Humiliate him in Front of the Crew.

But things is he NEEDED my Roommate as he worked in Shipping Department and would try to kiss his Ass afterwords just Really not the best Working Environment and in the End my Buddy quit said Fuck It all.....Not worth it to have Someone Demean or Belittle you in Any Shape,Form or Fashion EVER AT ALL

All us as Human Beings NEED TO RESPECT EACH OTHER ALWAYS.....although we know that ain't the Truth :wacko:
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I'm pretty lucky I guess since the general manager at my store is terrified of me for whatever reason, and the other managers seem to like me, plus they're quite nice except one of them.

Idiot customers i'm just used to. It's pretty much why I switched to Inventory, which means I don't actually have to help customers, I just help the nice ones because I know more than 95% of the current staff.
I could never work at a larger retail store like you seemed to work at. Definitely not my thing.

Tbh I would've just told the guy off and walked away. "If you're not going to listen to me, i'm not going to bother listening to you either."
Just because they make a $ more than you an hour, doesn't mean you should automatically respect a manager. Respect is earned, not given. That's probably why my general manager leaves me the **** alone, haha.

Anyway, retail is shit. If I lived in the US, there's not a chance in hell i'd go into retail. It's bad enough in Canada where most of us are nice.

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