My future plans for testing weird homebrew stuff.

Lately I've been reading HackMii and the WiiBrew wiki (and some of WiiUBrew) and I kinda wanna toy around with a Wii's NAND, as destructive as that may sound. Mostly just to document what happens when you change what files and such, as well as if it's possible to use the Wii System Transfer/Wii U Transfer Tool channels to do a Wii U-to-Wii transfer or a Wii-to-Wii transfer. Now, I only have a single Wii, so my plan is to eventually get a spare "bitch" wii (as bushing put it) that's an RVL-001 with the old boot1 so I can install BootMii as boot2, and make it almost brick proof. As for vWii testing, (e.g. running the Wii U Main Unit Update Repair Program, a japan only channel made to fix a pre-3.0.0J Wii U bug) I'll need to either somehow get a bitch Wii U, or find a VERY reliable way of dumping/restoring the vWii, since I'm not losing my 5+ years of old Wii saves.

also can i just say that wiiubrew's admins kinda suck? they aren't even that active, plus they haven't deleted any of the few pages marked for deletion
(examples here and here)

also also! the next art dump is coming. eventually. itll also be the one with probably the most art and least context since i just wanna sort out all my old MS paint files and get it all moved to the folder where I keep the ones ive already posted to here. (note: The Jefferson Cringe Collection™ is not included in the next art dump since im still procrastinating on starting that. itll just be a big ass .zip with all my OLD AS HELL ms oaint art that i physically just cant look at anymore)

(if you saw this early when it only said that I was reading hackmii and wiibrew/wiiubrew, that's bc im dumb and hit save too early)


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