Here son, you can have it

Well it is not like I have stopped liking the games I have for it.

But yesterday I finally ended up with the damned tablet. Finally, for real, not just a lot of talking about the thing.

It does all the things I required of a hand held device. It plays games too, like I required of the Nintendo DS back when I got interested in the DSLite era.

People will say 'but it doesn't have decent controls like the DS does". Yeah can't argue with that, but, if all my old fart games don't really need those controllers, it's not much of a point. And that is really the critical detail. It does what 'I' want it to do.

But, with giving my son my lovingly cared for Nintendo DSi XL, I think I will have killed off any intelligent reason for coming here.

Once I ditch the DS on my son, I won't really have anything even realistically relevant to discuss here. Not that I suddenly won't like chatting here, but, what is the incentive I suppose for me to care what anyone thinks of the comments of an old guy that isn't playing anything put out by Nintendo.

So while this is not a 'goodbye', it might effectively be an admission that I might have stopped having a point to return.

So I suppose I will close with this post being me saying, never grow up guys. Stay young, and refuse to act any older than a teen. You will thank me eventually.


Well, it sucks you're going to leave soon. Remember that GBAtemp probably won't go anywhere fast, so it'll be here when you find more relevant things to discuss.
Soooo I offer it to my son, and he's not interested.... hehehe :)

Funny really I suppose.

I had thought of selling it, but I hate selling something worth a lot for almost nothing. Offends my Scottish nature hehe.

It likely is destined to be a doodad I have in the desk for those rare moments when I just am not interested in the tablet, or I am going somewhere I don't want even the tablet.

Sounds logical to you realize I cant think of anywhere I would go that was like that. That's a reflection of my own specific life though.

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