About a year later

Sooooo it's been a while since I dropped by, still have the place in my mind though. Can't think of a single other place on the net worth a hoot for discussing gaming (not that there are no other places, they just ain't as useful (my opinion of course).

They finally gave us the 3DS XL, not surprised, but hey never assume anything is going to arrive. Price? Phaaah the price is not relevant to me, it's you teens that can't pull 200 bucks out of thin air. The only thing important to me, is, is there something else I want to spend the 200 bucks on moreso?

My tablet has proven to be an incredible device, and yet, plenty of days go by and I have not used it. It's just the way it is. I can go weeks and not have watched anything on my TV too. So a device is only worth as much as you need it.

For instance you won't find any shortage of people telling you how a tablet is just so not as good as laptop (for a range of reasons usually connected to power of the device to do more in the case of applications), or a Nintendo DS (in the case of a lot of games). But you can't deny, that a 10 inch screen trumps a Nintendo screen and 3D just isn't good enough to beat a 10 inch screen. And you can't deny that a tablet (average 1.4 pounds) beats a laptop (average 6 pounds). You notice that weight if you tend to be like me, and actually have anything else in whatever you carry the tablet of laptop in. And I walk everywhere (not owning a car does that), so anyone basing any comment on the use of getting around with either of the 3 categories, should be also asked, their opinion if they had no car.

I routinely carry a Nintendo DSi XL and a PSP Go (the PSP GO is my answer to mp3 player) as well as the tablet. In my Asus laptop's purpose made laptop carry all actually. And let me tell you, it is more fun to carry all of the above and a range of other things... wallet note pad writing things, than just the laptop even if it is JUST the laptop. And I like to go for walks, and usually have that thing with me, and nope, I don't see myself calling the laptop a superior solution :)

Of course, if I had a car, I could carry all of it and not even need to care eh. Which why I think a lot of people will slag off a device.
The average student wants something that fits in a pocket. The average adult has a car and can't understand the thrill of a tablet that is no way near as good as a laptop. This adult though doesn't have a car, doesn't want stuff in pockets, and expects to walk a few miles with the stuff on a shoulder during the day.

So now that they have finally graced us with the 3DS XL option, which I am told has a screen size increase over the DSi XL as well, it basically comes down to what does it offer me that matters enough to get me to replace my DSi XL? Well the easy given, will it play my Acekard is a good questions (something I won't really need to address until the day arrives I have the cash to spare). I have a good stash of games as legit cards, it is not like I will suffer without the Acekard (or whatever rules the heap these days).
I could make points with the son giving him the DSi XL. And be able to still use it as well for the Acekard (if required).
I hear the 3DS XL has really great battery duration. And now that the screen size isn't stupid (which I thought the 3DS size was), I have enough reason to be interested in the more powerful doodad.

The only real limiter for me personally, is, how much do I want that better battery life and power increase? The DSi XL is still a very good item.
And I recently enountered a DS emulator I can use on my tablet (although the controls blow chunks).

But I can acknowledge that the 3DS XL is at least worth thinking about.
I will put it on the same list I have for 'do I want a new more powerful tablet?

Actually what I reeeeeeally want, is to see Windows 8 show up and actually be worth getting for my tablet.
Once that happens, life really gets good.
All the games I reeeeeeally want to play are PC games that are thankfully low tech enough they won't need anything more powerful than a early generation Asus tablet. But I need Windows.


Whoa, Panzer Tacticer. I remember you from way back.

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