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Sep 01

Yes, you read that correctly. More than five years after this project started, we now have a fully-functioning patch for Blood of Bahamut! The project changed hands several times, and for the past couple of years it sat in limbo close to completion until it picked up steam again earlier this summer.

Special thanks to Aaron Chmielowiec for finishing up the last of the translations, rewriting a lot of the older translations and for compiling the patch, to disgaea36 for beta testing, and to Akudaikan (not a member here) for helping to check the Japanese.

Mosey on over to the link below to download the patch. Make sure to read the "Known Issues" on the release thread before patching. A final v1.1 patch may be released if the issues are fixable.

Leave a comment if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Aug 30

After the fall of THQ the fate of one of the most beloved "GTA-like" game franchises hung in limbo. Recently we had the pleasure of playing Saints Row 4, however I personally did not expect a "sequel" to come so soon.

All the lovers of completely random carnage and over-the-top gameplay can rest assured though - a new Saints Row game, a stand-alone add-on to Saints Row 4, is coming soon to the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC and it will take you to a place you haven't visited before - hell itself!

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell will be released on the 30.01.2015 for $19.95, it will also be a part of the upcoming Saints Row 4: Re-elected for PS4 and Xbox One.

Aug 30

In a surprising move, Nintendo decided to cut content for the NA and EU releases and release that content as DLC.

Weird, the western release is based off of the latest version released in Japan, Fantasy Life Link, and yet we don't get all of the content included from that version.
What do you think about this?

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Aug 29
3ds.png 3ds2.png
3ds23.png 3dsp.png
3dschar.png 3dssmash.png
-Wider 3D viewing angle
-Better screen
-Tiny second analogue stick
-4 Shoulder buttons
-Micro SD support under back cover
-Replaceable shells
-Better battey life
-Built in NFC
-2015 release for the West
Aug 29
You can watch the Direct above (Recorded)

-Xenoblade Character Shulk will be in Smash
-Bravely Second announcement and trailer
-Final Fantasy Explorers gameplay - Cloud Strife costume
-One Piece Battle Royale gameplay
-New Etrian Odyssey - has a '2' in the title - enemies now have 3D models (Poosibly Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Knight of Fafnir)
-Themes coming to 3DS OS
-Xenoblade Port coming exclusively to new 3DS

Direct END
Aug 29

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair will be released exclusively on the PlayStation Vita on the 2nd September in North America and the 5th of September in Europe.

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Aug 28


Aug 28

Perhaps you're an individual who purchased his Xbox One after the intermittent price cut to $399. And perhaps you've been thinking, "Boy, I sure wish Microsoft would sell it's kinect standalone so I could spend the extra money to get one that I didn't want with my console in the first place." If you have Uttered this phrase, first of all seek immediate social therapy, and second, prepare your wallet, as this little hunk a junk is coming at ya with a $150 price tag.

I hadn't realized Dance Central was Kinect selling Material now. No word yet if this will become the same pricing platform for the supposed Windows Exclusive Kinect launching sometime in the near future. TBF, the kinect has always been known as an abysmal little device with some simple little features that could take it a long way, were it implemented properly. Motion Gaming is neat and all, but perfecting the peripheral has a long way to go before any real gaming with it can be preformed. Until then, if you would Like a $150 Voice command brick, it looks as though now is your chance to get one.

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