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Feb 24

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Feb 23

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Feb 21
For the last two weeks, few 3DS Flashcart users reported being banned from online access.
The error code 0002-0102 appeared whenever they tried to access friend list or play an online game.

Today, these users reported being able to access online features again.
This error code on Nintendo's website is listed either as an access point connection issue or asking users to contact them if still experiencing it.

No official information has been reported from Nintendo about this issue and a possible ban lift, but we would like to remind users that they are responsible of their action. Remember that piracy and hacking of any sort (unofficial hardware, software method to play region free, or cheat while playing online) can get you banned from their service if they decide to.
Be careful when you decide to go online and be prepared for whatever action taken by Nintendo.

Source: GBAtemp
Feb 21

Releasing for Wii U, 3DS and Wii.
Looks like NIS America is taking up more interesting games this year:

Feb 20

More Infos

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Feb 19

Can we get more weab games onto our online services? Ys we can!

Lately, more and more Japanese titles have been making their way to online platforms, from Konami pushing the PC versions of its upcoming MGS titles to the success of Valkyria Chronicles on Steam, so this looks like another step in that direction. Now weabs and dweebs of all stripes can share their superior cultivated sensibilities!
Feb 19

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Feb 18

Here's ATLUS:

Nicaea is back online, and SMT: Devil Survivor 2's protagonist, his classmates Daichi and Io, plus some interesting characters they meet along their way will have to confront their own deaths to alter their fate and save the world! The new story trailer includes the first glimpse at what awaits players in the Triangulum arc -- the new portion of the game that adds ~40 hours of brand new content, including new characters, settings, bosses, and more.
Let's not forget that the game is now fully voiced for both the original Devil Survivor 2 content (the Septentrione arc) and the new portion as well -- not to mention that there's additional StreetPass and SpotPass functionality, and more. And for those die-hards wondering: Yes, it's possible to skip straight to the new portion of the game!

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