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Jul 05

Bad Video Game Writing by Ryukouki at 6:42 AM (2,915 Views / 6 Likes) 61 Comments


It really is time for me to start working on that giant queue of stuff that people have asked me to look into and maybe talk about. This means those random article requests that I've buried in the bottom of my brain for some time, or random little errands like piano music requests - yes, Depravo, I haven't forgotten your Final Fantasy cover request for Sleepy City Treno! I intend to actually start on that really soon!

*coughs* Well, anyway. Enough of that. Today's topic was provided for discussion by Hyro-Sama and by golly it's a really interesting piece for me because I played a lot of the type of games that the discussion topic goes into. It's interesting because this topic hits close to home, being an OCD perfectionist who hates these little typos. And with that, today's subject is about poor video game writing, which can boil down to several different factors.

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Jul 04

According to vg247, Electronic Arts has just released demos of FIFA 14 and UFC on the Xbox One store, and they're only $4.99 each... wait, what?

It's currently uncertain if the pricing was a result of a system or human error - EA themselves do not have a conclusive answer. The only thing that is sure is that the games are not free all across the board - searches on the Australian and UK stores both show the demos as paid content.

Then again, if you've played a demo of a sports game, it's almost as if you've played the whole thing... right?

Update: The pricing problem has been confirmed to be an accident and has since been amended.

Jul 03
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Jul 03

One of the most popular titles in the Monster Hunter series arrives on the App Store today for EUR11.99 / GBP10.49! Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was based on Japan's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and originally released in 2009 in the west. The title was a global success with sales of more than four million units worldwide, contributing to the series' total of more than 28 million units to date.
The newest iteration of the game includes several updated features:
* Graphics are in higher HD resolution with support for up to 2048x1536 on iPad
* All controls are optimized for touch screen functionality
* New target camera options make it easier to follow the action
* Support for controller peripherals for iPhone and iPod touch such as the Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery and other MFi controllers
* Seamless real-time four player co-op battles via Wi-Fi connection

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Jul 02

I'm horny, short for the Horned Reaper,
The mascot for Dungeon Keeper.
Customers better take a step back
Because EA's now getting some ad flack.

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Jul 02

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Jul 02

Today, Ubisoft announced that Child of Light™, the turn-based RPG set in the magical world of Lemuria, is now available to purchase digitally on PlayStation® Vita in standard edition for £11.99. A Complete Edition containing all downloadable content is also available in retail and digitally starting today.
SC_Review (1).png SC_Review (2).png SC_Review (3).png SC_Review (4).png SC_Review (5).png SC0007.png SC0010.png SC0011.png

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Jul 02

Hello there, Temps and Temptresses! After our Everdrive GB review in May we kept in touch with Krikzz, the developer behind the wonderful Everdrive line of flash carts for retro consoles. As a result of our co-operation, we're proud to announce GBATemp's Official Everdrive Month - 30 days, 6 systems and 6 Everdrive reviews for your reading pleasure!

The time has come for our first reveal! We're starting off with a review of the Everdrive GG by a staffer who needs no introduction - Another World! I hope you'll all enjoy his work and stay tuned for more content and be sure to like, comment and share your favorite reviews!

:arrow: GBATemp's Official Everdrive Month Review #1: Everdrive GG