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    GBAtempTV Twitch: ONLINE - Streaming Mario Kart

    Well, folks, we're back again. And this time, we've REALLY gone insane. We'll be having a short stream of one of gaming's greatest achievements; Bubsy 3D. Yes, indeed. Join me, @BORTZ, @Meteor7, and...

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    Crackdown 3 delayed to 2018

    Crackdown 3 will not be meeting the launch date release for the Xbox One X, according to Microsoft Studios. The game was set to come out on November 7, 2017, and was officially announced back in 2014,...

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    GBAtempTV Twitch offline - Sonic Mania & Give-Away

    Join GBAtemp on Twitch as we stream gameplay of Sonic Mania on PS4. Please note the stream will contain spoilers! Today is August 15th and that means it's Sonic Mania Day! (No, not THAT Sonic Mania...

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    New browser hack method for WiiU on Firmware v5.5.2

    Thanks to the work and effort of GBAtemp's users JumpCallPop, jam1garner and hedgeberg, a new browser hack is now available for WiiU on firmware v5.5.2. This v5.5.2 browser hack is still in...

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    GOG Announces Its 'Piñata Madness' And Free Deadlight: Director's Cut Giveaway

    The digital video game distribution platform has announced the comeback of its Piñata Madness! So what's this "madness" all about? It's a sale where every 3 USD / 2.69 EUR / 2.39 GBP gets you a...

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    GBAtempTV Twitch: offline - streaming ROCKET LEAGUE

    Hello, Twitch-watchers! I'm back again, with the finale of the Sonic Mania precursor stream. We'll be finishing off the Sonic marathon with Sonic Adventure 2, and then we'll move onto some Rocket...

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    Nintendo Virtual Boy Game Mario Tennis, Planned 2-player mode restored

    image by StereoBoy It's official, the Nintendo Virtual Boy has a working link cable and Mario's Tennis supports it. Thanks to the talented ROM exploration of M.K. (famed attachment: Hyper Fighting),...

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    Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure wifi keyboard hack

    Among users of flash carts and emulators it is often seen that the troubling games are those which use extra hardware of some flavour, in the case of the DS one of the bigger ones was Pokémon: Typing...

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  1. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    The voices are bustling. They are getting more frequent, telling Senua to turn back, that it’s a stupid move! Don’t move forward! Will she? Will YOU?
  2. Phantom Trigger
    A grown-up adult who goes on adventures with his imaginary friends; did this game just describe us all?
  3. Fortnite
    Zombies? Check. Item scavenging? Check. LLAMAS?! Triple check. Get ready for Epic Games' unique entry into the survival genre.
  4. Tacoma
    The developers of Gone Home have created another exploration-focused adventure. Are the desperate crew of the space station Tacoma interesting enough to create an engaging storyline?
  5. Sundered
    A Metroidvania with hand-drawn visuals from the creators of Jotun; is it as good as it sounds?
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