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Dec 31

  • MAME 0.37b16, 0.69 and 0.84 versions
  • New games. 1000s of new games.
  • Updates for existing games. ie. adding sound where previously missing and new graphical effects.
  • Save state support for some games. Disclaimer: Some games, certainly not all!
  • Better frontend launcher.
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Dec 31

:download: GCW Zero File Repository
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Dec 31

:download: GCW Zero File Repository
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Dec 27

Welcome to the final week of Tempmas 2014!
This post is a couple of days late (too much Eggnog!) but we hope you still have some Tempmas spirit left in you!
What we're asking for this week is for you to create a Tempmas themed Christmas Carol. The best Carol will win a brand new New 3DS and a 3DS game of your choice!
There will also be one runner up prize of a 3DS game of your choice.

Check out the following rules before submitting your entry:

If you are looking for some kind of inspiration, check out this Legendary Jingle from GBAtemp's very own tshu.

Good luck and keep checking in to see the winners from Week #1 announced soon!

Dec 26

The annual hacker conference known as Chaos Communication Congress (C3) is set to kick off tomorrow (27th of December 2014) with 31C3 and run for four days. In previous years it has seen talks from many console hackers, those doing work in related fields and things that are just generally of interest to many 'tempers. Also if you have ever wanted to learn how to hack then many a talk on concepts you might wish to know about happens at conferences like C3.

Give or take potential lightning talks there is nothing booked on modern consoles, however a talk on preserving older arcade hardware and bypassing their infamous protections is set to happen.

The schedule usually goes by the name "Fahrplan" and you can view it
Be aware that the times listed are Hamburg, Germany times (Central European time or UTC+1).
This year, in addition to the usual Fahrplan, there are different versions you may prefer to see instead.

Videos of most of the talks are streamed live and uploaded quickly to download, and also to youtube. Various hacker/makerspaces and the like will also have streams and may be near you.

You can see videos of previous years, and some from other conferences, here.

Are there any talks you are planning to watch?
Dec 24

Merry Christmas from GBAtemp! by T-hug at 7:15 PM (1,818 Views / 19 Likes) 72 Comments


The big day is almost upon so I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from all of us here at GBAtemp!
Have a good one and we'll see you on the other side!
:grog: :hrth: :toot:
Dec 23

Week #1 Winners Announcement

So the voting has ended and we have selected the 10 winners for Week #1 of Tempmas 2014.
Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, there were some really great submissions this year and it was really tough getting the list down to just 10 entries.
Check out the following spoiler box to see if your card was chosen as one of the lucky winners:

*drum roll*

This event was sponsored by

And by the SKY3DS official team
Dec 22

The One Piece: Pirate Warriors series coming to North America isn't really suprising. What is surprising is the fact that the game is coming to PSVita AND Steam in North America. Previously, Namco skipped the PSVita version of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2.