Wii U Problem with exploits etc.

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    Oct 25, 2015
    So I have problem, I can not seem to get anything to work, WUP instaler does not work [freezes after returning to home screen] I can load kernel exploits but anything else does not work. Loadiine does not work, freezes every time, basically everything freezes no matter how much I try, I have Wii U 5.3.2 E
    Sorry that I can not give more details for now but I'm in a hurry I will update status when I will have time, No idea where is the problem, I do everything on point with instructions...

    Edit: e.g. I tried to update my Super Smash Bros U [I have disc] and I have update on my SD card from Nusgrabber I open that site with WUP installer [if it works] I go there again and everything is ok until I go back o the title screen [screen with all the miis runing around] then It freezes... every time, but sometimes at least you can hear music looping, I've waited like this and nothing...

    PS: sorry for my english...
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