Vertical Hold Issue

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  1. Zfalcon

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    Apr 18, 2009
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this and have gotten quite a bit to work properly. The only issue I'm having is the occasional game not playing properly with what appears to be an issue with the vertical hold. The game starts and instantly the entire screen starts scrolling over and over and doesn't stop. With WiiGators loader 0.3 are there any settings that can be safely used to help fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. jan777

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    Jan 4, 2008
    is your game pal and your wii ntsc?
  3. maduin

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    Jul 13, 2006
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    yep, that's the problem, you're using a PAL (european) game on your NTSC (USA) machine, they have different standards for their TV's. Your solutions would be to find a USA copy of your game or to force NTSC video mode, and even then it won't always work, just get a new copy.