Two Questions.

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  1. I hope they're easy for anyone.

    1. I bought something from china and I live on the eastern part of the US. How long do you think it will take? I bought it last week, the 22th.

    2. I got an R4i Gold and I bought a 8 gb micro sd card. It's class four, do you think that's enough?
  2. gunner007

    gunner007 GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Dec 31, 2013
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    Depends on what you paid for shipping. Fast shipping? maybe 5-8 days. Free shipping or cheap? Probably anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on customs. Shipping from China can take a long time depending on where and how it was shipped.

    Should be class 10. r4i Gold 3ds deluxe? (there's like 10 r4 cards out). It's enough I guess if you don't ever plan on playing any of the new 3DS games. Pretty sure R4 released 3.3 (which was really 3.0) and is promising a new release (almost 4 months ago). It's a dead card if you want the no BS opinion. It can't be updated, and probably never will be. R4 cards are generally play and trash (as you generally need to buy updated h/w cards when they're blocked - example is the DS cards).

    If it's not a 3DS card, then ignore what I posted above.

    8GB is fine since there's no multirom/game. Largest game untrimmed at this point is 4.3GB anyway.
    For DS only games - it's plenty. If you're playing 3DS games and DS games, you'll need 2 cards anyway since r4 still uses the disk imaging tools.
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  3. Ryukouki

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    Typically it's a 2-3 week transit from China to the US. For 3DS games, an 8GB memory card will only hold a handful of games. With DS games, you can hold a lot more, but 3DS games are much larger in size.
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  4. No, it's the R4I Gold RTS version.
    And thanks for the replies.
  5. IronClouds

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    This one only plays Nintendo DS ROMs, and not 3DS ROMs. If that's what you expected, then you're set. Class 4 is "decent." 8GB is enough in terms of size to hold a good amount of DS ROMs. In terms of class, it'll get the job done with the occasional slowdown, but shouldn't be a deal breaker.
  6. Occasinal slowdown? Fuck.
  7. IronClouds

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    May 8, 2010
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    It really doesn't happen as often as you think it does. I was using a class 2 card on my DSi XL/Acekard 2i for a couple years and I only really saw issues a small handful of times. You'll see it more when you're using the card on your PC to manage your files.
  8. gamesquest1

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    Sep 23, 2013
    i doubt you would have any noticable slow might take a second longer to start up but no need to go overkill with the class of the card
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