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    So, after a pain in the ass exchange (was trying to return) of a stereo system where I work (because I lost the receipt and it wasn't showing up on my credit card I used to buy it) I was stuck with having to buy different things from my electronics department instead of getting a refund (which I was disappointed with, but it is what it is...)

    Welp, my Logitech G330 headset is on its way out, and has been for a while, I so got (among other things) a TurtleBeach XL1 set for my pc (because adapting it to a computer despite it not coming with the adapters is easy. $2 worth of adapters off of Monoprice is all you need). I routed everything through my stereo receiver on my desk so I can use it for everything. What do you guys think of the headset? I think it sounds pretty nice, but is somewhat lacking in the bass area.
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    I have the turtle beach px3's w/ DSS and i like the bass however i HATE the build quality of the px series. I had the dpx21 (which had AMAZING bass btw) and they broke less than 2 months of getting them because i had them on my neck (which the guide said was okay to do) and i turned my head and one of the struts came off. Now on my px3's its getting cosmetic damage from god knows what because i treat them well.