1. KaiserTialoc

    OP KaiserTialoc Newbie

    Oct 19, 2020
    United Kingdom
    Sorry if this may have been ansdwered elsewhere, if so please kindly point me in the direction

    I am trying to randomise my version of Pokémon Shield on my Switch

    i load up NXDumpTool and go through the process like i did when running Hacked Raids
    i go RomFS and on the updates section i choose the one that says UPD 262144 for the other options i chosse yes to the aboive 4GB and no to the layeredFS
    i then go to exeFS and choose the same update path

    i then load these files (which im happy to post here) onto my laptop and then make an additional copy of them for safe keeping (as you do)

    i open PKNX and do all the randomsing i want to for now because this is just a test run to make sure it all works before Crown Tundra is released

    the file it spits out i know has the Sword ID so i change that to the Shield ID and load that into atmosphere/contents

    i then boot the Switch in atmosphere and launch the game and it take 5/10 seconds of a Switch loading screen before it says "an error has occured" and closes the game

    What have i done wrong? is there an easy fix to get a randomiser going? i did randomise most of the game stuff like the traniers to make them harder and wild encounters to be the same
    i have even downloaded a fresh copy of NXDumpTool to make sure its not that and still nothing

    is this just a problem that has happened with the latest updates and if so how do i go about restoring it to a version where i can play Isle of Armor in a randomiser setting

    Thank you all for your time and any help will be appreciated
  2. Emyrys

    Emyrys Newbie

    Nov 29, 2019
    I got the same error, i just tried many times randomizing with pknx and one time it worked I have no ideia what worked and what wnet wrong, pay attention if you are not using cheats or other mod files, if it doesnt work in the end got to game banana site and download the randomizer mod in there, it also works, I tried doig it myself just because I wanted pseudo dragons at route 01.
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