thenewpoketext guide (for HGSS)

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    May 24, 2009

    BY azure0wind

    Thanks to loadingNOW for CREATING thenewpoketext

    1. Download all the file you need:
    -thenewpoketext : here
    -ndstool.exe : here
    2. Extract it
    3. Put the ndstool.exe inside the thenewpoketext folder.
    HGSS Editing
    1. Copy your Pokemon ROM to the thenewpoketext folder
    2. Rename your ROM (it's OK if you don't want to rename), to the shorter one like, hg.nds / ss.nds
    3. Run the thenewpoketext
    4. And the thenewpoketext will asked your rom name, e.g: hg.nds
    5. Press Enter
    6. Leave the program running just minimize it DON'T EXIT THE PROGRAM!
    7. Go to the tmp_[yourromname]
    8. Inside the tmp_[yourromname] folder go to the:
    >copy the 7.file in there
    9. Go to the root/msgdata
    10. Paste the file there.
    11. Rename the 7.file in the msgdata folder to the msg.narc
    12. Maximize the thenewpoketext program and type: getall hgssdialogue.xml
    13. And the hgssdialogue.xml will appear in your folder.
    14. Start editing the XML file! [​IMG]

    NOTE: You need to change the false to true in this line


    P.S I will add how to create the ROM with the editted xml.... [​IMG]