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    ok, so I sent some people on online missions, and I was even able to log back on and see how they were doing. One of them is on mission, so that's exciting.

    In the meantime, however, it seems as though I can't leave the castle (except by scripted event maybe? because i'm pretty sure I went and fought those two giant, horn-headed people on the bridge) or else I get a "mission complete" message for everyone, and it tells me when I talk to Moana, that I failed. I've gotten around that by just reloading and putzing aorund the castle (took many a couple of real-life days to figure out "duh, it didnt go online, just reload it").

    So, what's the deal? is anyone else having this issue where you fail your online missions if you go to the world map and travel somewhere?

    that seems kind of ridiculous. if there are so many characters, why would it matter if some of them are off in wi-fi land? any insight would be appreciated.