SSBB Custom skins trouble?

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    Ocarina is ON, gct file is where it should be, skins are where they should be.
    Ocarina works on other games, so I guess it has something to do with the v3.5.1 enabler code?
    I have not tried any other ocarina codes to SSBB.

    I used to play all the time with custom skins, then I moved and kinda stopped playing.
    I've started up again and wanted my skins back, but all the settings are correct.

    The most notable differences from now and then I can think of are, I had to update usbloader gx, and now have quite a few more options in settings than before, such as hook type (set to VI i think)
    Also, I've never quite understood how cios, and all those slots work, but if there is a specific CIOS i need to have in a specific slot, let me know, otherwise, im simply using the latest d2x in default slot.

    So, any ideas?

    After looking up the code itself I saw something that said
    Simply download the following gct file and place it in a "codes" folder at the root of your SD card (must have a capacity of 2GB or LOWER)
    i think im using a 4g, ill see if i can find a smaller one

    And that was the problem, time to see if its because of SDHC or Fat32 file system anyways its solved thns., guess it helped to just lay it out here