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    Apr 12, 2007
    Hi there.

    I am about to go insane and help would be greatly appreciated.

    I also have big plans for retro/emu stuff. I always picture it with rose tinted glasses - now when I set everything up, everything will be plug and play and I will forever be happy.
    It never turns out this way. I don't want dongles hanging out of the snes classic in regular two player mode.

    My current plan is to have my snes classic with 4 wireless controller for multiplayer gaming goodness.

    I've planned it like this.

    1. Buy two Brook Nincades for player 1 and player 2. I kind of need to interface with controller port 1 (from now on called 0) to be able to navigate the snes mini).
    I got them, installed them and got the to work, but R1 and R2 (and probably other buttons) (I am using 8bitdo SF 30 Pro controllers) does not work in retropie. Probably because Brook only thought that they should substitute the SNES controllers for SNES gaming and not for PS1 gaming, so the firmware probably doesn't support it. Huge waste of money and a huge disappointment.

    2. I saw an alternative solution where you could strip the 8bitdo dongles for the SNES classic from the plastic casing and let them reside inside the snes mini. I know this will work, as I have had all buttons working on 8bitdo dongles.
    Not practical, because I would have to open the snes mini to access the dongle buttons every time I'd connect a new controller and I would not be able to use the regular snes controllers and instead of the connectors there would empty holes in the plastic (which you cannot see because you stick the controller port cover over it, but it annoys. Anyway - I still consider this.

    3. The multitap.
    I saw someone having hooked up more controllers with the OTG usb adapter and a usb hub and tried to do the same with two of orange brick 8bitdo wireless dongles and it works perfectly - and then again it doesn't. I want to be able to hook/unhook the dongle to the snes classic mini when I need more players, to keep as clean an asaesthetic as possible.
    Annoyingly retroarch detects the gamepads connected to the multitap before the regular wired nintendo clover controllers or whatever they are called.
    This means that the multitap controllers are detected as controller 0/1 and the wired controllers are connected as 2/3. I can configure retroarch where player 1 and player 2 are the wired controllers (at the moment detected as 2/3) and player 3 and 4 as the multitap controllers (at the moment detected as 0/1). This all very nice - but if I remove the multitap and reboots the snes mini the controllers do not work in retroarch. I have a feeling it is because the wired controllers which were configured as player 1 and 2 (while detected as 2/3) are now detected as 0/1 because the multitap is not connected.

    Is there a way to brute force retroarch to detect the wired controllers as 0/1, so I can have my seamless setup?
    Any other way to fix this?

    Gentlemen and gentlewomen - start your brains! :-)

    - And give a shout if you are the type who often have similar problems :-)

    Thank you.
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