Recommend me a replacment modchip please.

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    Dec 14, 2009
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    Hello all at GBATemp
    This has probably been posted before but I can't seem to find through the search function, so my apologies in advance if it has.
    I currently have a wiikey2 and I want to play a few Gamecube games which just don't seem to want to work I get the old 'there has been an error etc etc..'
    This only seems to happen on certain GC games like Starwars Jedi Outcast and Clonewars and Spartan total warrior.
    I believe these games have streaming audio which causes the problem and that the wiikey has a fix for this but this fix just don't seem to work sadly. I've also read that the fix in wiikey2 wasn't implemented, is this true?
    So if anyone can recommend me a chip that can fix the streaming audio for these games It would be much appreciated or even better if they know a way that I can get the streaming audio fix on my wiikey2 to work even even better.
    I'm using Verbatim dvd-r burning at 3x (slowest I can do on my writer)
    Any help on getting these games working hardware or otherwise would be great.


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    The WiiKey didn't need a fix because it has full GC Streaming Audio support built in.

    The most likely cause is a bad burn, since any glitch in the audio part causes an error.
    Try a different brand of DVD-R such as TDK, and burn at 2x or 4x. See if that fixes it.
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    I have a Wii with the WiiKey2 installed & it works great. [​IMG]