R4-SDHC top screen error when trying to load a game

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    Aug 8, 2010
    *EDIT* Just realised this is in the wrong section, sorry! Just posted in correct section.

    My friend is trying to run DS roms on her R4-DS, using the latest firmware from www.r4i-sdhc.com (firmware for 1.4). Her R4 cart is a 3rd gen SDHC. She's tried several games, and each game, she gets this on the top:


    uched is different from the last cursor position
    Load Launch Data '/MOONSHL2/LAUNCH.DAT'
    aunch data load from '/MOONSHL2/LAUNCH.DA

    BootROM.cpp:196 BooROM Execute: ~10005:
    Not support commercial NDSROM file.
    Application halted!!
    Please refer [/moonshl2/logbuf.txt]

    The top screen says this on the first 4 lines, and last 4 lines. Sorry I can't be clearer, this is for a friend, and the pic of the top screen is through webcam. She's using a DS Lite.

    I hope this is enough info ^^;