Project M via USB Loader questions

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    Oct 10, 2016
    Alright so I'm sure you read the title and thought "Here we go again."

    but I don't think these questions have been posted here before, and if they have, I can't find them.
    However, point me to any relevant threads that may be of use

    I want to know a couple of things, but mostly, is there a way of hosting and connecting to my own servers, so that my friends and I can play project M online?
    So far my searches have only shown up for Wiimmfi, or is this my ONLY option?
    I also want to know if in the case I go with wiimmfi, can I use a USB loader custom built project m iso to play online, or must project m be loaded separate? i.e. the mod; either homebrew or hackless

    If I compile an iso for project m if it is a valid option, to do any of what I want to do must it be wi-fi safe or is this inconsequential?
    I am in a PAL region so I'm using a usb loader to play the NTSC copy of the game in order to actually have access to project m, so booting from a disc is not possible for me, i have to use a usb loader (unless there's a PAL version now and I'm behind).

    Thanks for any and all help. Also i apologise if this is in the wrong section, posting my own threads has always confused me hahaha
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    I recently installed P:M as well, and I had the same questions as you have (Well, most of them)
    • You can play P:M online using Wiimmfi. Just like the old days; You and your friends have to register your friend code, this happens on first try to join. Keep in mind that it may take a few weeks to register. Then, you can all connect and register each other as friends and start playing! And yes, this is probably your only option. It may be the easiest tho.
    • Assuming you don't have the disc itself, a project M iso would be your best option. Do a google search for BrawlBuilder for some info on how to do it yourself. Also be sure you use a non-ripped SSBB iso with BrawlBuilder. There is some post on how to make it ready for Wiimmfi, but I can't find it that fast.
    • As I said in point 2, you have to have the WI-FI version. I can't find the tutorial,
      But I thought it was here somewhere on GBATemp.
    Hope this helped :)
    EDIT: I found it! Did some browsing on GBATemp. You can use this guide instead of the BrawlBuilder's one.
    Here it is:
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