Problems with KH 358/2 crashing

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    So I can get into Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, no problem. I've been able to play through the tutorial without any issues, but I ran into a rather problematic issue. Whenever I die, the game goes slow-mo and fades to white as expected, but it never goes past the white screen. If I turn the volume all the way up, I can hear the music that was playing at the time, and the music continues to play even if I close my 3DS. It appears to be a complete softlock, as I can't access the RTS menu or reset to my flashcart, and I have to actually drop back to the home menu.

    I've done a CRC check on my dump and it checks out, I've updated the firmware on the cart to the latest version, I can't find any sort of AP bypass though I did try disabling all the cart's bells and whistles for the game and it didn't help, the SD card is brand new and other games work fine, and I've even resorted to old manual AP patches and hex editing to no avail. The flashcart is an R4i Gold branded with that I got from, and the DS is a New (with the c-stick) 3DS

    While it is theoretically possible for me to play through the entire game with liberal application of saves and resetting my console with every death, I'd rather not force myself to do so unless there aren't any other options. I could upload my save in case there's some strangeness going on with that, but I doubt there is

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but considering I've had issues with no other games up until now I think this is specific to this game

    Well this is awkward, but I managed to fix it myself with some more fiddling. In case anyone has the same issue in the future, I got around the issue by *downgrading* my firmware from WOOD 1.64 to 1.51C. Lost a smidge of visual flair in the process but gaining the ability to play games without issues was worth it in my book
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