Problem With the GC BIOS on Nitendont

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  1. Sklaxtik

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    Oct 14, 2019
    So I figured out how to use the BIOS on Nintendont and It worked! But when I was making a tutorial on how to do it I replaced the file on my SD Card with the file I thought worked and it doesn't the file that worked is deleted permanently off my PC and Im guessing you need a different BIOS file then Dolphin because a bunch of people have BIOS files for Dolphin and none of them have worked. I don't know if im just doing something wrong when I boot it

    -mod snip-

    [I need] instructions on how to make the BIOS launch when I start my game so I if im doing anything wrong. I'm using my softmodded Gamecube compatible Wii. I hope this gets resolved Thanks!
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  2. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    File: iplusa.bin
    CRC-32: 6d740ae7
    MD5: fae2b558ffc344467170520d62177e5c
    SHA-1: 015808f637a984acde6a06efa7546e278293c6ee

    File: ipljap.bin
    CRC-32: 8bdabbd4
    MD5: 00cff6ae2938bb37ef355385add3dc16
    SHA-1: f1b0ef434cd74fd8fe23698e2fc911d945b45bf1

    File: iplpal.bin
    CRC-32: dd8cab7c
    MD5: 85e7f7fdeff9fa6ecb52aa0a38cd2eb4
    SHA-1: 6f305c37dc1fbe332883bb8153eee26d3d325629

    They go in the root of the SD (or device you're running the Nintendont executable from)
    Of course, in theory, you should be able to use any GC bootrom regardless of version (these 3 I have are not the only three roms released the world over), but these Work For Me™
    And of course you should enable IPL in Nintendont's settings :)
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  3. Sklaxtik

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    Oct 14, 2019
    IPL is enabled the files just don't work
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