NTR cheat plugin result ARM11 error screen

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    Apr 2, 2015
    Hi, i have create a personnal cheat plugin for pokémon omega ruby PAL. I have taken gateway codes in fort42 website for the my pokémon game (region free) and i create the cheat plugin succesfuly with Gateshark2NTR. In my N3DS i load NTRCFW 3.5 and load pokémon omega ruby and when i try to activate cheats, few codes like "run walltrhought wall", "speed wall x2" and more result to a ARM11 crash...

    Why this error appear ? I'm on the latest Luma3ds stable version, boot9strap 1.2 and firm 11.4 New3ds PAL.

    I post photo of my error. Thank for your help :) .

    Sorry for my bad english i'm french :P

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