How do you usually figure out hex values for editing save data?

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    When mapping out which hex values attribute to whichever piece of save data do you first have a save data of a game backed up, then change around one tiny thing and leaving everything else the same then compare the hex values of the data and see what changed and then that's how we determine what hex value is attributed to what or is there an easier way/another way?
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    Depends. In my own experience unless you already know what you're looking for, I take note of the value I'm searching, convert it to HEX then search for it in the game save, edit the HEX and check my game for changes. Example, if I had 600G in a game and wanted to edit it, I would first look for the Hex value of 600 which is 258, but with video games the hex values are reversed and go in pairs so you'd reverse it and add a 0 to get 5802. Then search for that string in the editor, when you find it change the value and check your save.

    Otherwise, I have no idea how you can just look at the hex code and determine what values effect what in the actual game without knowing what specific value you're trying to alter first.... Makes me wonder how people find things like removing lines in pokemon. How can you determine what the value of the code was to look for it, and know what to change the values to to change it..... Sorry I'm no help. I also kind of want to know Lol
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