[Help] Zelda BOTW: Destroy Ganon Quest Complete

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    I had changed from "false" to "true" for the value of the key "GanonQuest_Finished" in the savegame normal mode file, and somehow the language in description changed by itself from english to japanese (see screenshot below). Unfortunately, I cannot understand it, so if anyone could help translating it, that would be great. And could it be related to DLC #2 where the story could potentially start after completing this quest?

    quest complete picture

    And the original text in english could be seen in this picture below (taken from my savegame master mode file).

    original quest information in english
  2. nitrostemp

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    Mar 15, 2009
    i dont think this quest is meant to be cleared, so that's why you are getting that text, they mos likely never translated the text to english.
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    What nitrostemp said, as the quest isn't mean to be cleared, the game doesn't have a text for the completed version of the quest, it falls back to using that Japanese text which can either be an unused paragraph for that quest, or a placeholder for a "missing quest text".
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    I don't know Japanese, but Google Translate said: "Unnecessary? It may be better to separate the steps according to the form of Ganon"
    That's most likely not all that accurate, but I guess it's something. Seems like a comment from the development process that just got left in.
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