Fire Emblem Awakening 3d Models

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    Has anyone successfully messed with the 3d character models yet? I'm trying to do some character model swaps from "Fates->Awakening" and "Awakening->Awakening", where you take a 3d model (ex: Iron Sword) from Fates/Awakening, and I'm trying to put that model in for a different weapon (ex: Bronze Sword) in Awakening. I've noticed an extreme lack of matching file types between the games (Fates: bin.lz, bch.lz, ect./Awakening: m.lz, r.lz, ect.), and I'm wondering if there are any programs that we can use to convert said files into the other type. I've tried just "renaming" the fates one, it crashes as soon as you try to load the model. Is this what I'd use the Nightmare program to do, or is this beyond our reach at this moment?