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    I just finished the Ace Attorney series (except Investigations, saving that for a rainy day) and I was wondering what everyones favorite entries are and thought it would be cool if we shared our opinions on each one, or just your favorites. Please use spoiler tags for anything spoilery!
    Ima rank each one from best to worst and just give a short opinion about it(those will be in spoilers so the post isn't a mile long):

    1.Apollo Justice:
    The new mechanincs, the vastly improved quality of animation and music, plus Trucy and Phoenix's whole story arch were all really cool. The investigation segments were much quicker and didn't require the constant traveling back and forth like the other games do. All of the cases had great characters and interesting plots.

    2: Justice for All:
    JFA seems to get a lot of unwarrented hate. Sure the 1st case wasn't AMAZING but it was alright for being a tutorial in a somewhat new series. The 2nd case was great. It had Had set up some important plot points for the 3rd game and had a pretty cool twist at the end.

    The 3rd case was also pretty good for being the filler case every Ace Attorney has and I thought the ridiculousness of it all fit the carnival theme pretty well and the characters were all funny and enjoyable. The final case is, imo, the best case in the entire franchise. Its fast paced and actually changes how the game is played. I also appreciated the overall increase in difficulty, definitely the most challenging game in the series.

    3. Dual Destinies:
    The animated cutscenes were AWESOME! The environments looked great as well thanks to the new 3D engine. However I have mixed feelings on the characters being 3D animated. The models themselves all look good (Trucy looks kinda weird tho lol) but something feels missing with their animations. Apollo Justice had absolutely amazing, fluid sprite animations, and I feel like they shouldve stuck with that style but then that wouldnt match the new 3D environments well. Its a double edged sword really.

    4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
    Just because its so low on the list doesnt mean I didnt like it, I absolutely love this one. For first time players it starts with a strong opening case that teaches you how to play while introducing interesting characters and solving a mystery that is the perfect level of difficulty. Case 2 is also super good and is one of my personal favorites.

    Now case 3... I cant stand case 3 at all. I know its the filler case but its TOO MUCH filler. It is easilly the longest case in the series and not for good reasons. There is so much running around back and forth between the same areas just to get one or two dialog strings that activate one or two more dialog strings somewhere else. 3 days of investigation was ridiculous and in the end the villain was someone who kinda shows up last minute and isnt very interesting. Case 4 was good but has a super slow start and some of the investigation problems from case 3, but it definitely redeems itself in the second half.

    Case 5 uses the Apollo Justice engine and had some neat mechanics and a great unexpected villain. This one honestly would be higher on my list if case 3 wasnt so bad and case 4 didnt have a slow start.

    5. Trials and Tribulations:
    Unlike PW:AA, this one is bottom of the list for a reason. I really didn't like this one at all. I will admit it does have its cool moments, playing as Mia and Edgeworth for some of it was cool. Godot is the best prosecutor of the entire series. Theres some pretty good music. But the cases just werent very good.

    Dahlia being the villain for 3 cases was dumb. She wasnt interesting, she didnt have much of a backstory, she was just generic and didnt need to be the star of the entire game. The only purpose of Chapter 4 is to nail it in your head that shes going to be the bad guy again for chapter 5.

    God dont even start me on chapter 5. All of the investigation is just a bunch of psychelocks. Clear someones psychlocks and then someone else comes up and has a bunch too. Besides cases 4 and 5, I also did not really like Case 2. It was so obvious who did the crime but it was always just slightly out of your reach so they could pad it out more. The characters werent interesting either.

    I did however genuinely enjoy Case 3, it was a lot of fun and had some wacky characters and Maggey coming back was cool. I really didnt hate this game, but it was definitely the least fun and least interesting for me. Its psychelocks galore and made a bad choice of re-using the same villain over and over instead of just having a unique one. I really dont get why it seems to be everyones favorite.

    So yeah, agree? Disagree? What are your favorites? Lets talk about Ace Attorney!
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    Well, in my opinion, all Ace Attorney games are really good.
    While the original game was awesome, introducing the main characters and all, I think that the last cases (the ones that last 3 days, I don't remember if the third was one of those or not) were really... not boring, but too long. I'm really glad that every case after that is not longer that 2 days.
    Justice for all is really good in my opinion. I think that people hate it that much because it doesn't have much connection between the other games (with the Fey clan backstory and all). I really like the option to present profiles (too bad they removed it afterwards :( ). The final case was really awesome, and really surprised me. The bad end is so sad though ;_;
    I think Trials and Tribulation is great. The music is simply awesome, playing as Edgeworth was really cool, and Godot is probably the second best prosecutor (after Edgeworth). While I agree that Dahlia being used as the villain 3 times is a little dumb, it was probably to tie the past and present of the series together. And the massive amount of psyche locks didn't really bother me actually.
    Apollo Justice was also great. The music, once again, was amazing, and the every single case was interesting. And case 5's investigation system is simply awesome. No more searching for one item for ten hours and things like that. I hope they use it again in the future. There is only one thing that annoyed me...
    Seriously, did Gavin (the attorney) did all that just because the magician chose Phoenix as his attorney?? Or am I missing something?
    I didn't play Dual Destinies yet, but from what I've seen in the trailer and the demo, I prefer the good old voices and 2D sprites. I'll buy it when I have the money :P
    The first investigation was really good. While the mechanics stay the same, the way they are put is really different, and well done in my opinion. The third person investigation mode is better than the traditional one in my opinion, it allows to have a better overview of the crime scene. I also liked that many characters from the main series were present. And even if the art style is different from the main games, it's still really good. The storyline is also very well made, and all cases are linked (there's no filler episode in this game, which is great).
    I'm playing the Investigations 2 right now, and so far, it's good. It's the direct continuation of the first one, and once again, previous characters make their come back. I obviously can't judge it right now, but I'm pretty sure it'll be great.
    I found the Professor Layton crossover really enjoyable. Really. The OST is awesome, the voice acting is really good. My only regret was that there is only one special Ace Attorney puzzle, because the concept was really epic. It was the only thing that bothered me, until... the end of the game.
    Seriously, I have so many questions. First, how do they explain the magical book thing? The witch in the house? They didn't drink any water with that special thingy in it yet, so they are basically immunised against "magic". Then, how is the whole "going through the wall" thing possible? I mean, the invisibility cape makes things INVISIBLE, but they are still material and can be touched. So, how did they went through? Same goes for the tower bell. Since the beginning of the experiment (which was something like... 10 years I think? I don't remember), you're telling me that absolutely NO ONE ever went to the center of the park and bumped into the tower? Or into those gigantic machines that are everywhere?? And, also, how does the sleeping thing works? When they fell asleep while hearing the bells, don't they, like, literally fell on the floor? Or are their brain crashing and recording not anything of the events? And there's so much more unanswered (or I missed something really important, idk), that this ruined the experience a little for me :unsure:
    I *tried* to play Dai Gyakuten Saiban a little, but since my japanese is really bad, I abandoned at the end of the first chapter, because I had to search the meaning of 70% of the kanjis... Anyway, it seemed to be a really cool game. I'll probably try to play it again once my japanese will be better.

    Anyway, I think my favorite would be either Trials and Tribulation or Apollo Justice.
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    Played them all my favorite is trials and tribulation, loved the story and Godot is totally awesome
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