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    May 3, 2006

    I can't run Gameyob DS with my GW blue card. When I launch it, i have an error message: "Error opening directory"
    But all directory and files are still on the SD card and when I use the same SD card with my brother's R4i, gameyob is working without error.
    I only have this error with my GW blue card.

    Any help?

  2. Princess21

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    Dec 21, 2010
    I'm curious to know if you ever figured out your problem. This has happened to me too, even though I can use the GW blue card for playing DS backups on both my 3DS and DS Lite. I can use GameYob 3DS as a workaround, and I have an R4 that works with GameYob on my DS Lite, but it's still convenient to be able to use just one flashcard that works with both consoles ;)
    I'm getting "FAT initialisation failed" in other homebrew apps, with prompts to apply DLDI patches. I don't know if that helps you to know. I also tried formatting my microSD card from FAT32 back to its default FAT, but with no change.
    Homebrew games seem to work fine though, so who knows? I'll keep digging. The DLDI patching sounds like it might fix it.

    Update: So, DLDI patching was the solution for me. There's a specific one that works with the GW blue card, and there are two ways you can use it. I recommend the second method. To make things simpler, I've compiled the tools and firmware and attached them below. Credit to Michael Chisholm, Adam Hodson and Maxim for the patching software and @piratesephiroth for sharing the DLDI.

    Edit: Updated tutorial.

    Method 1 - Patch each homebrew manually. While arduous to do for every homebrew, it is fairly straightforward.
    • Open "dlditool32.exe" in the "dlditool-win32-gui" folder.
    • Select the folder where your DLDI drivers are, then select which one you want to use from the dropdown menu. For the blue card, that will be "ex4tf".
    • Browse your PC for the .nds files you want to patch. You can patch several at a time.
    • Click the "Patch" button and let the program work its magic. It shouldn't take too long, and the log will show if the file has been successfully patched or not.
    • Open the homebrew with a DS/3DS and see if it works.
    dlditool interface.PNG
    Method 2 - Flashcard auto-patching. The simplest and quickest method.
    • Copy the GW blue card firmware from version 3.0.4 public beta to your flashcard.
    • Copy "game.dldi" into the "__rpg" folder and replace the old one.
    • That's it. The flashcard should automatically read the DLDI file when you open homebrew.

    Source: Analysis on the Gateway 3DS blue cart (updateable??)

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