Does it play it?

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    Jun 13, 2016
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    I got this card recently and it works great.
    I just want to know something about it. I want to play GBA games on it.
    Does this flashcart support it? And if it does, how do I make it so that I can play GBA games on it?
    Sorry, I'm kind of new to this and even though I did some research on it, I would still like to know a for sure way of doing it.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I am using this flashcart on a DSI XL, just wanted to let you guys know.
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  2. Lacius

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    You can use an emulator like gbaemu4ds, but you're likely to run into compatibility issues. There might be a better emulator that I don't know about. Regardless, you will probably be able to run this and other emulators on your flashcart.

    Otherwise, you need to buy a slot2 flashcart that goes in the GBA slot.
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  3. jDSX

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    I recommend EZflash IV for playing gba games off of the DS