Anyone tried a 4tb drive yet?

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  1. bearkilla

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    Nov 4, 2008
    anyone tried one yet? (with softmodded vwii)
  2. Deltaechoe

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    May 3, 2012
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    Why in god's name would you waste that much money on a storage solution for the wii...
  3. bearkilla

    bearkilla Member

    Nov 4, 2008
    because I can, anyone tried?
  4. clay.r.08

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    if i said that i had 1,100 wii games that more that take up so much room they will not all fit on a 2TB, then someone would say i was a pirate

    but i did not say that i had that many wii games

    i can say that the biggest and only hard drive i could not format 100% to wbfs was a 2.5TB, no matter what i did i could not get the last few hundred GB's to be wbfs
    i did not get more than i few minutes to mess with it tho then i had to give it back, i have not messed with anything bigger than a 2TB since then

    i have been reading in a few places over the internet that the wii u has a 2TB limit

    i have cfw ps3 with ps3 games on a 2TB

    and a rgh xbox 360 with xbox 360 games on 2TB

    i guess i have always stayed away from anything larger than 2TB because in the past i have read here in there about over 2TB not being reconised by various media devices, but i never had a hard drive bigger than 2TB for that i could mess around with for more than 5 minutes

    im sure i will get my chance to mess around with this issue one day soon, maybe i will find out some usefull information if someone that knows the answer enlightens us with their vast superior knowledge
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  5. pin

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    Apr 21, 2009
    C'mon now- who could accuse you of being a pirate with 6tb of backups?? ;)
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  6. Enigma Hall

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    Feb 6, 2013
    Well, he can use this storage to hd movies too.

    I think is possible because of the file system. I dont belive in this limit but is only my opinion
  7. Maxternal

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    Nov 15, 2011
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    I think the Wii U format, FAT32 and WBFS cap out at 2tb (a 2.5tb is probably actually about 2.3tb because bigger numbers sell better if they multiply by 1000 instead of 1024 like they should) for anything bigger you would have to use multiple partitions or NTFS. Theorecially the cluster size used in drives over 2tb that makes it incompatible with SOME homebrew would have a limit of like 16tb so I don't thing there'd be that problem with a 4 tb one.
  8. clay.r.08

    clay.r.08 Banned

    Apr 10, 2010
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    500 games slot limit on wbfs, that is what i heard, i dont have that many games

    my 2tb has 4 partitons, 16gb fat, then 880gb wbfs , another 880gb wbfs, then another 87 gb wbfs

    that 2.5tb that i got to play with for a few minutes, i tried splitting up the partitions and still could not format all of the hard drive to wbfs

    im not conviced that it will fix the problem by making smaller partitions, maybe you are right and im wrong but i wont believe it until i get my own 3tb to play with for more than 5 minutes


    i know windows tries to limit fat to 32gb, so i always used programs instead of the windows formatter

    this is a decent fat format tool i have used for years

    i just read this on that same page fat32format ...
    Note that the 32GB limit is a limit of the formatter in Windows. FAT32 itselft should be OK to 2TB, limited by a 32 bit sector count in the boot sector.

    im no expert on alocation sizes sectors and such so maybe i dont know what im talking about, but i would not be suprised if this is a problem that can not be fixed by multiple partitons

    im gong to get a 3tb soon and i will see what formats do what , i already know from personal experience wbfs will not use more than 1,862gb of a 2.5tb no matter how many partitons you make
    and im reading that fat 32 has a 2tb limit, so i guess that leaves NTFS

    if wii u can play NTFS then i will see how much of the 3tb the wii u will reconsises, i will try testing with multiple partitions and a single partion

    but if it only see's 1,862gb of the 3tb then i dont see that ever changing, it could change but it wont

    i would bet that if some how people were going to make money from solving issues like this then it would not be a issue very long, maybe a format could be developed just for the wii u and used thru a new pc program that was developed by the same people, but i dont see much of a reason for most to care about this no way for professions to profit from it and some of the best coders that bless our hobby with their presence are not going to exactly being saving the day by working on it

  9. Captain_N

    Captain_N GBAtemp Maniac

    Mar 29, 2010
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    IF i had one id try it. But id be a waste for wii games. Id rather toss that bad boy in my server.
  10. mekainz

    mekainz Newbie

    Jan 11, 2010
    Im trying to make in a Western digital Elements 4TB multiple partions. When formating to wbfs allways give me error.


    Dec 21, 2010
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    I know for a fact that you can get a 3tb to fat23, as I have done it in the past because I like the compatibility with everything. I am not sure if the wii would recognize it, but for going between pc, mac, and ps3 it was useful.
  12. x65943

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    Jun 23, 2014
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    Why'd you necro this 2 year old thread?
  13. mech

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    Oct 26, 2014
    he obviously used the search feature everyone keeps crying about using.
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