3ds crashes when exiting the game

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  1. Mira

    Mira GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 30, 2014
    my 3ds is on 4.5 (sysnand) and latest fw 9.4 (emunand) and my gw fw is also the latest 2.7 omega.
    the game for which i have this problem is super smash,all of the other games which includes zelda albw and pkm y don't have any issue.
    the removing sd,run the game and put back the sd doesn't work either (because i have emunand?) so anyone has a solution?is this normal or is my smash dump defective?
  2. lemanuel

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    Dec 11, 2014
    it's normal. smash bros, as well as some other recent games, requires more RAM than what the 3DS usually supports. so the 3DS has to steal RAM from other processes in order to have enough to run the game. but that also makes it reboot when you leave the game, which for ppl that use emunand causes us to be kicked back to sysnand. it's normal and you can avoid it by pressing home to go to the menu and opening another app like the camera, then you can close it and that way you avoid being kicked back to sysnand