3DS Corrupted? Need help

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    Hi, I have taken a break from the 3ds hacking scene for a long while and I wanted to get back in to it. I picked up my old 2DS and played some Pokemon for a few hours. The next day I plug my SD card into my computer, and I noticed some really weird files on the root of the SD. I plugged the card back into the 2DS, and a few of my games cause freezes. Just hovering over my copy of Pokemon X or Alpha Sapphire causes the screen to freeze, and trying to boot Sm4sh does the same. It has been a while since I hacked my 2DS, but I used A9LH and Luma3ds for my cfw. I'm on Luma 7.0.5 and firmware 11.5.0. Currently, I have access to many things on the 2DS, like FBI, themely, JKSM, a few of my other CIA installed games like Pokemon Moon, and youtube. I also have full access to writing to and copying from the SD card. I already backed up my saves using JKSM in case anything goes wrong. When I try to use the settings app, I have functionality of most things except for the data manager. I cannot view any software, extra data, saves, or DLC within the manager. The blue spinning box just keeps going forever.

    So, I've thought a bit and I think that I'd like to just reset my system to what it was before I did the hack, and rehack it using B9S this time as the CFW. I am not entirely sure how to go about this process and I'm a little bit confused. I'm also not sure what firmware I was on originally when I first hacked the 2DS using Plailect's guide. I do have some random NAND backups (Like 3 or 4) and I do not know which firmware my system was on when I backed them up. I also tried copying over things from my corrupted SD to another one except for the Nintendo 3DS file due to its file size being too large to fit onto my new SD. After doing this, my device booted up on firmware 11.0 if that means anything.

    Images are attached below. Also, I have emunand backups because I used emunand before I switched over to A9LH. If anyone has any questions please do ask. Thanks in advance!

    LumaVersion.JPG SD1.PNG SD2.PNG Sysnand1.PNG Sysnands2.png
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