Review: Anda Seat Spirit King Series Gaming Chair (Hardware)

Reviewed by Tom Bond, posted Apr 24, 2019
Apr 24, 2019
Up for review is the Anda Seat Spirit King gaming chair, a high quality premium high back gaming chair.
Tom Bond


Comfortable, Easy to Put Together, Baby Approved.

The Anda Seat Spirit King series gaming chair is a high back, ergonomic gaming chair that was designed with comfort and versatility in mind. Featuring a PVC Leather material that covers high density mould shaping foam cushioning, a 22mm steel frame for its body, 3D adjustable armrests, up to 160 degrees of tilt, and an aluminum base for the 65mm “large” wheels, the Spirit King promises to be a high quality chair that’s comfortable to sit in for hours at a time. But does it live up to that promise? 


First, we’ll take a look at some of the physical dimensions of the chair itself:

  • Minimum->Maximum Height: 51.77”->54.33”
  • Backrest Height: 34.17”
  • Backrest Width: 23.82”
  • Armrest Pad Size: 10.63”
  • Seat Depth: 23.03
  • Seat Width: 21.65
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: ~400 lb. 
  • Weight of the Chair: 72.75 lb
  • MSRP: $399.99*

When you open up the box, you’ll see exactly why Anda Seat calls this the Spirit King; this thing is large and in charge! With its steel frame and aluminum wheel base, the Spirit King feels like a high quality, hefty chair that isn’t likely to break on you any time soon thanks to the steel frame used for its framework and the aluminum base used for its wheels. One of the most common problems I’ve had with office chairs personally are the cheap plastic wheel bases used with most (cheap) office chairs. I usually find that, after a few months of rolling back and forth between a couple of desks, the cheap plastic wears and snaps, utterly ruining one of the wheels which results in an unrollable chair, so I’m glad Anda Seat opted for a stronger metal base for the Spirit King. Unfortunately, all of these sturdy components come with a cost, and it’s one that is as hefty as the chair itself. With an MSRP of $399.99, and currently priced at $329.99, the Spirit King is quite an expensive chair, and is meant to rival some of the higher quality “gaming” chairs from brands like SecretLab or DXRacer. 


Once you haul all the parts out of the box, it’s on to assembly, which took a very easy, pleasant 15 minutes, occasional baby kissing included. With only 8 steps and 10 screws (8 of which were helpfully already in place on the chair), I’d feel confident that even the most un-DIY person around could put this thing together with no problems at all. My only complaint here is with the instruction booklet; while the initial assembly instructions were quite thorough and simple to follow, it appears the booklet that came with my chair includes operation instructions for features that just aren’t available for my particular model of chair, mainly related to the 3D armrests. While this is not a major issue, I could see someone being a tad confused that their chair is missing a button or lever that’s mentioned in the booklet, but not on their actual chair. 

But is it comfortable to use? After a little over a week of consistent uses I can safely say: Yes, quite! With an optional head pillow and lower lumbar support, the Spirit King makes for a wonderfully comfortable chair, even for extended gaming periods. If I had to make a complaint, perhaps the only one would simply be it’s lack of breathability because of the PVC leather covering, which results in a rather warm chair after only an hour or so of use. 

But more importantly, is it Baby Approved? 


Yes, yes it is. 

+ Easy to put together.
+ Made with high quality materials.
+ Comfortable for long periods.
+ A lot of adjustment options.
- Not very breathable.
- Fairly expensive at $329.99.
out of 10
The Anda Seat Spirit King Series gaming chair makes a wonderful addition to any gamer’s desk setup, thanks to its comfortable and durable design. If you’re looking for a high quality gaming chair that’s built to last, and you have a few hundred dollars to spend, then I would definitely recommend picking up the Anda Seat Spirit King.

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