Sega Saturn

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Fact sheet

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Platform name Sega Saturn
Abbreviation Saturn
Alternative name JVC Saturn, Hi-Saturn, Samsung Saturn, V-Saturn
Product family Sega
Generation 5
Type Console
First released on Tuesday 22nd of November 1994
Game count 438 (202 exclusives)
Website Open
Viewed 18007 times
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Hardware revisions

  Name Release dates Specifications Graphics Storage media Other info
Initial version
Initial version
Japan: Tuesday 22nd of November 1994
North America: Thursday 11th of May 1995
Europe: Saturday 8th of July 1995
Hitachi SH-2 @ 28,6 MHz
40 MB
VDP1 (Polygons, Sprites, Texture Mapping, Gouraud Shading) VDP2 (Transparency, Scaling, Rotations, and Scrolling)
320 x 224, 704 x 480,
Internal RAM, cartridge
Sega Saturn Cartridge
Online: Sega NetLink, SegaNet

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