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    Hardware N3DS XL IPS - HWCAL0.DAt and HWCAL1.DAt files

    If I system transfer from a Dual TN to Dual IPS, do I need to recalibrate anything?
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    Hacking [Question] Coldboot Haxchi NNID and System Data

    Hey all. I've got a question concerning Coldboot Haxchi that I couldn't really find anywhere online. I used my NNID to completely install Coldboot Haxchi on my Wii U, along with tons of games and homebrew. However, I decided to sell it to my friend and left all the games and homebrew on there...
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    Ophelia_Later @ Ophelia_Later: im having trouble getting the file ntr-forwarder and i can't play my roms downloaded to my o3ds xl