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    Mar 20, 1987 (Age: 31)
    United States


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    Nail Art is the skill of styling your fingernails with decorative stencils, polish and designs which are unique and artistic. A brief history of nail art reaches to around early 3000 BC once the Chinese invented the very first nail polish. This polish really was enamel, which may take several hrs to dry after which be considered a pretty pink red-colored tone. Around 1830s the very first wooden stays for manicures came to be in Europe. It wasn't before the 20's that automotive fresh paint inspired the current nail polish that we understand today. Soon after Revlon was created and nail industry begun into what we should realize it as today.

    Today nail art ranges in the easiest French manicure to designs and art by world famous artists that fresh paint and shape unique design directly upon each nail. The strategy and tools accustomed to accomplish these wonderful nail works of art are covering tools, rubber stamping plates which act like plating, nail polish, as well as the classic wooden stays continue to be accustomed to manicure and blend offers.
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