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    Tutorial [HOW-TO] Have a homemade Streetpass Relay

    Hey guys. After a long two days of trying to get the script for automatic changing working, I came here if anyone can help me. For router I have TP-Link model. TL-WR741ND, Ver 2.4. I changed my SSID to [email protected] and ofcourse I installed DD-WRT v24-sp2 (It's the only one avaliable for this router...
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    Gaming Question about Pokemon Black ROM on Acekard 2i

    Yes you can, done it countless times.
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    Gaming Coop/Multiplayer

    This page has been marked for deletion: Outdated Just sayin'.
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    Gaming ROM wifi and Download play error.

    You should delete link to that rom site .....
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    Gaming Offical Pokemon DreamWorld Thread

    How can you get you evee evolution you got in that game ?
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    Gaming Offical Pokemon DreamWorld Thread

    PGL: Zanxy123 FC: i dunno (will update later) i befirended kangashkan and that sunflower seed
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    Gaming [NA & EU] Official ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘White’ Thread

    I just finished the game and i have one question:
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    Gaming inazuma eleven

    How to get more players like you get Eric ( that one wich you need ot go with bobby into hospital) ?
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    Searchin for some music

    Well it was kinda underground, and genre jrock/pop anything, i just remember its japanese...
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    Searchin for some music

    Well i'm seaching for one music, but i dont know the lyrics,author or title, i just remember that in it's music video ( it has two). In one there is a chain reaction of mathces, and in other one they are just firing up the lighters. Anyone knows this and can help me out ?
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    ROM Hack Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble XX Translation

    Thanks for translation Guys Can't wait to get it. I would help but i have no skills in japanese or hacking.....
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    Gaming [JPN] Official ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘White’ Thread

    Broccoli on his head ? -.- they have to be joking
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    Gaming Any Good English Galges?

    there is one: Kira Kira ....... and smoething but i forgot the full title
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    Gaming Fifa World Cup 2010

    Can it connect with DS ? and how ?
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    League of Legends

    Does enyone play League of Legends (loL)? EU or USA ? and what's your summoner name and favorite champ ? If you dont you can go to this site to register: Registration. If refferal links are forbiden then modify my post.
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