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    Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection launches in two volumes on Nintendo Switch next year

    For the people asking for the japanese only games, this is just a cashgrab, thus they're trying to minimize the costs as much as possible.
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    Translation Database

    Hello everyone, i have been thinking, most translation projects lack translators more than hackers, especially one of mine, so i thought i'd start by patching things up myself, any chance any of you know an official english game, that has a good localization, basically no freedom of play when it...
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    How do I add DLC to my PSP ISO's on CFW?

    depends on the game, but most likely, just put the dlc files in the save folder of the respective game.
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    Publisher 505 Games reveals new games during its Spring 2022 Showcase

    Cool cool cool cool cool, we're going strong :D
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    WWE will be making a wrestling RPG, announces server closures for WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20

    But, will it have visual novel style dialogue and romance options ? That way it'll be more accurate, plus i don't see anything other than bromance going on between two half naked baby oiled grown men touching each other
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    ROM Hack [Release] Undub of EVERY Ace Attorney title on the Nintendo DS

    Hey, thank you for this, didn't think the game had voice acting for dialogue, or are we talking about the three words they keep shouting ??
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    [Help Needed] Sonic Rivals (PSP) JPN translation project

    This is the very first time i read that someone wants to translate a game back into japanese...
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    Translation Any Trans Patch for the Dragon Quest XI?

    There is none because the game rejects all modified files on real hardware, doesn't get passed the main menu, already tried, needs disassembly on a code level to make it ignore this anti tampering.
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    How to extract/view .tid

    Have you tried looking up the extension anywhere, maybe put some key words in google, like the extension and game name
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    Xbox & Bethesda announce games showcase for June 12

    The elder scrolls: skyrim: Microsoft bought us out Edition LET'S GOOO !!!
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    The Super Mario movie has been delayed to early next year

    I literally forgot about this, welp, time to forget about it again...
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