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    Rumor PlayStation is reportedly working on a new service to compete against Xbox Game Pass

    It won't, Sony are their own worst enemy. They do this only out of desperation, but will never admit it, obviously. Microsoft have turned things around very well, fairly positive now, Sony have always been a negative corporation. Nintendo are a bit of all sorts, more like Sony though than...
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    Kojima Productions launches new film and television department in Los Angeles

    Will Kojima kill his new company? He's clearly more side tracked with wanting to get into movies, than he's ever been. I wonder who's ideas he'll be stealing now? He was very, very fortunate a certain well known director vouched for him, we likely wouldn't have the MGS series as they are now...
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    Rockstar Games apologise for GTA Trilogy issues, relist original versions

    Whilst this looks good on the face it, Rockstar were well aware of the state of the game before launch, despite this they removed original versions and continued with the release. They are the equivalent of EA/Konami/Activision now, if not worse. They've fallen from such a great height, it's...
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    Netflix Games begins rolling out for subscribers on Android

    Pretty poor, infection terrible. If you're going to enter a market, they should really of held off until they had something to offer (assuming they ever will). Especially given the current circumstances, can't see it working out for them.
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    Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp delayed to Spring 2022

    The dealy clearly isn't for Polish or bug fixing. These games are older than a fair few here. Nintendo hold the source code, etc. Granted they're apparently upscaling the textures, but so far everything they done gas been a low effort port, to cash in.
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    Microsoft announces 512GB and 2TB expansion cards for Xbox Series X|S

    Mine did just that (no joke). Perfect conditions - room temperature, never moved, very, very rarely used. Just out of the short warranty they give too). I had 2 of this brand, both failed just outside of warranty. I also have a 2.5" drive fail under warranty a few year back. Courier had proof...
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    Microsoft announces 512GB and 2TB expansion cards for Xbox Series X|S

    As mentioned, Seagate are a joke of a company, I'll just leave that as it is. But after all of the progress Microsoft have made, they taken a huge step back here, huge. Do they not remember Sony destroying their own portable handheld consoles due to greed (and "control"). The console was...
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    Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing information revealed

    I miss when Nintendo were on top and didn't feel they needed to take a poor man's copy cat approach. Fir a very, very long time now, Nintendo have been embarrassingly behind the times. Now they've sold a lot if handheld again, they feel they can jump straight to charging the same as Sony and...
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    Nexus Mods increases premium membership cost and removes its lifetime membership option

    Oooff! I can kind of see why they're doing it, but at a time when publishers/developers and resellers (Steam, etc) are looking to charge for mods, your taking away your advantage. This will, in time, sway users opinions toward paying for "official" mods.
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    Nintendo says it currently has no plans to release any other Switch revisions beyond the OLED model

    Does ANYONE, believe any of this. Profits are absolutely higher (very high anyway given what they're charging vs. What you actually receive. Worse still, Joy Cons are STILL faulty by design and STILL knowingly sold this way. Regarding 4K model, I'm confident they have one planned, but...
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    Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp announced

    It's clear why Nintendo are so aggressive against rom sites, they plan to continue releasing 30 year old games, over the next century. In their defence, their old games are very good, but upscaling a rom, then charging full rrp, is very rich. Much so when you do it hundreds of times.
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    Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 press conference roundup - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora announced

    "Rainbow Six: Quarantine has been renamed to Rainbox Six: Extraction" So the delay was really just to delay branding, to remove any negative connotations attached to he word quarantine, due to the last year and a half. auto I'm sure there'll be a lot of people who'll play it, maybe even like...
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    Your picks for the best and worst E3 of all time

    "PlayStation once took aim at Xbox by dedicating a portion of its E3 2013 conference to show how easy it would be to share used games with friends, during a time where it was thought the Xbox One wouldn't allow you to play used games on another console" I remember that, I always wondered why...
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    PlayStation announces new partnership with Discord

    Yes, obviously is signed now, it's been announced publicly. But the point is, at some time there were negotiations, Sony were keen to keep another property out of the hands of Microsoft. They offered Discord funds AND the ability to maintain control, so they dropped Microsoft, I assume.
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    Nintendo announces Game Builder Garage, where you can make your own games

    Congratulations, you've won the Internet on Thursday 6th May. OK everyone pack up and go home, we'll come back and start again tomorrow, for your own chance to win.
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