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    I got banned

    Sadly there is no way to Unbann a Switch because Nintendo will bann the per Console Unique server Connection Key and the Serial of your Switch. Even if you Change your Serial Number the Bann will be still there. The Only thing that you can use right now is the System Update anything other will...
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    Super mario maker 006-0501

    The Online Service for this game has ended last year. Thats why you get this Error Code.
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    Hacking New Theme for EZ-Flash Omega!

    I have a Rev A Omega DE. As i said it works like a charm without the sleep trick.
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    Hacking New Theme for EZ-Flash Omega!

    On my Pocket the EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition works like a charm without any Problems. It always boots at first try even with the Official Omega Definitve Edition Firmware. My Analouge Pocket has Version 1.00b on it.
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    Homebrew Question Batch uninstalling games

    I also have a name for the Homebrew. How about: BatchRecyler or NXRemover
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    Prb 5.05 / 6.72 / 9.00 Exploit Menu Essentials + Leeful Offline PS4 Trainer (beta test)

    Why should he add the outdated v2.0b? V2.0b2 is the more stable Version.
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    Hacking How to know if a switch is banned?

    Thats not really true my Switch was completly banned and i have no access to the eshop anymore. The only thing i can do with the banned Switch is a System Upadate but anything other related to eShop oder online is not possible.
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    Homebrew Question How can I load into RCM on a Switch Lite

    Its not possible on a Switch Lite. If you want to use a CFW you need to install the SX Lite Modchip.
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    GCN Which SD card filesize do you recommend for SD2SP2 mod?

    The Sd Card can be as big as you want. I have a 64GB Card in it and it works like a charm ^^
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    Homebrew RELEASE EdiZon - A save file editor, cheat manager, cheat engine and save manager for Horizon

    I don't understand how i can use the auto updater because pressing the minus button in the app does nothing for me the same with every other button in the app. Im using the latest hekate with the latest atmosphere
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    Homebrew Uninstalled Unlaunch, DSi doesn't turn on

    The installer warns you about the uninstallation of Unlaunch. As soon as you uninstall Unlaunch it bricks your device and this is only recoverable if you have a NAND backup of your DSi's NAND and you flash it back via a Hardmod. In other words you bricked your DSi with the uninstall of...
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    Rare gaming accessories you own. Good and bad ones.

    I have an Gamecube Broadband Adapter and an SNES Score Master Edit: I also have an SNES Mouse:
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    Hacking I need Help with an Bricked New 3DS

    Hi i have here an New 3DS wich is bricked and i already tried an CTRNAND restore but this didnt worked now im trying to use the Lazarus3DS Script and have all files ready except for the sighax_hdr.bin file. My question is How can i get this file beacuse i really need it. Can i dump this File...
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    Homebrew Question Any possibility of seeing Doom 3 (2004) ported to switch?

    To be Honest Doom 3 wasn't that good. In my eyes it was just Boring as hell.
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