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    Hacking Project+ Wii Forwarder Channel release

    It was super useful, I thought I was going to have to figure out how to compile my own .dol in order to get the forwarder to work properly (the CustomizeMii forwarders just launch the Configurable USB Loader without launching Proj+).
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    Hacking Project+ Wii Forwarder Channel release

    Spend a couple of hours putting this togheter, since it seemed like nobody had done this yet. Preview (apologies for the shakiness): The .zip file includes 2 WADs, one for the regular game booter and another for the USB one. I created the .dols for these with ModMii and injected them into the...
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    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    Hey, I'm planning to install this onto my good ol' Wii, it looks great and I love how it both supports SD and external HDDs, along with easy access to playing ROMs. The only thing that's making me hesitate and consider USB Loader GX are some of the options for viewing your collection--- Is there...
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    Generations Dashboard 4.0 for the flashback hd (new version release)

    The link to the "lite" version of the launcher is dead. Any chance it could be reuploaded?
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