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    Hacking Gamecube games to Wii - DVD+RW Media

    are you using Miltigame ISO creator to create an img of more than one game? if so, then ive heard that the newest one (4.x.x) has been known not to work. im hoping thats my problem, im just about to try again using multigame ISO creator 3.5.4 with NTSC DVD9, DVD-R at 4x speed.
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    Hacking Update on the Golden Sun Problem.

    I have a Sandisk 8gb class 2 that plays it just fine While my Sandisk 8gb class 4 and 16gb class 4 totally screw up. EDIT: I just tried trimming the rom on my sandisk 16gb class 4, and the games working just fine so far (havent saved tyrell yet (why does the intro have to be so long))
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    Hacking How to pronounce "AKAIO"?

    I just say how it would sound in japanese. ah-ka-ee-oh
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    Hacking AKAIO Saves

    i always just keep the save type on auto. i don't know if it does anything special, cus i haven't played that big of a save yet, but hey, you never know.
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    Hacking Pokemon Platinum sav issue

    Ah, I see. Sorry i'm just used to everything using bytes. I didn't know AK used bits. thats good to know
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    Hacking Pokemon Platinum sav issue

    wait...why is 4Mb only 512kb? i'm confused...
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    Hacking Possible to edit cheats via flash cart?

    this place has the most current cheat database, and they have a changelog so you can see if your game's in there. you can also use the R4CCE (R4 cheat code editor) which lets you input your own cheats and save it to a *.cht file.
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    Hacking Pokemon Platinum sav issue

    yup. you don't need the *.nds just *.sav that should work, but keep the size big too so it doesn't blow out on you.
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    Hacking Saves

    I'm thinking it's probably best to just set it to unknown/auto.
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    Hacking Is there any way to directly download roms to flashcart

    nope. that would take forever anyway.
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    Hacking AKAIO 1.6 RC2 Freezing problem

    there's nothing so far that fixes the problem. you have a bad batch ak2.1.
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    Hacking Is it worth buying a 2i if you have a bad batch AceKard 2.1

    yeah. I did. it was worth it. my bud had the same problem, and SS works just fine for him.
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    Hacking Saves

    I've noticed that some games (that i haven't even played) have saves with different sizes. are the saves already set to what they need to be?
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    Hacking Theme Question All you have to do is open the uisettings.ini in the theme you want and edit the text color of whatever box is bugging you.
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    Hacking Saves

    I used to use R4, which uses a set *.sav file size of 512kb. And for Big games like pokemon, when the save got to be more than that, it overflowed, corrupted, and sometimes killed every other save on the R4. The akaio has an option to change the *.sav file's size. -does this option change the...
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