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  • So, Vita executables run natively on Switch? I am looking forward to seeing it on the Front Page…
    Hey Xerpi sorry to bother ya I was wondering if you could implement libsicksaxis for snes9x gx for wii homebrew and post a download? I'm having a lot of trouble implementing it. I know you have it implemented for libsicksaxis 1.0 but its a bit laggy and you say that 2.0 is more stable. Please forgive my new account I made it specifically to ask you for this. Do you think you can do this? Please let me know.
    I'm sorry but I'm kinda busy these days. What problems do you have with libsicksaxis v2?
    just having some general trouble getting it to compile, the v1 that you have implemented with snes9x sometimes crashes when connecting the DS3, on top of that, theres some Issues with multiplayer in certain games, where the DS3 controls both players. I understand if you're busy man. I'm a programmer myself, haha.
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