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    Gaming I haven't been following the DS at all

    Hey guys it's been a while, I lost interest in my DS a couple of years ago, no idea why really, but I've decided to get back into it. So I need to know, what good games have come out in the last couple of years? Don't worry about genres, I'm open to anything.
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    American Censorship Day

    So it's essentially ad hominem time. I actually didn't even notice it was TheAmazingAthiest until halfway through, the video has absolutely nothing to do with religion, why bother talking about it? Why say the person who posted to this site doesn't know what he's talking about when he's posting...
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    Drug Cartel Captured Anon Member

    So what you're saying is that they should do nothing because he's already screwed? Also, they found this guy when they weren't specifically trying to get to anonymous, killing him doesn't really provide a basis for anything to be too worried about Legitimate threat to be worried about: "I know...
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    Level-5 Vision 2011

    What kind of woman wouldn't want to have Layton's child?
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    If you find DiRT 3 keys floating on the interwebs, DONT USE IT

    I think he meant that he wouldn't be able to play his games at all if he gets banned because of piracy. (even offline mode requires online first)
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    Woman Runs Over Boyfriend

    Actually, I'm pretty sure he meant what he originally posted. Also, she should pay him every month, seeing as he can no longer work due to her she should work for him.
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    DSi 1.4.3 is out!

    It's a good plan (blocking cards with updates and whatnot), but it has one fatal flaw, I can still use wi-fi in games without updating, not too much incentive to update.
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    High Voltage accused of 'amazonbombing' Conduit 2 reviewer

    The first Conduit was great in my opinion, couldn't get the second one, saving up, but now I'm sort of glad I didn't.
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    China Arrests 49 Leaders of Underground Christian Church

    The person he was replying to said some very hurtful things about Christian people as a whole with no basis whatsoever and did not even provide information or even an example, this is described as flaming, I guess he just decided to flame back.
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    China Arrests 49 Leaders of Underground Christian Church

    On account of this man's masterful subject changing lets go back to the source of the problem, I'll speak it in terms everyone here will understand so you don't fool them. Y U NO POST LEGITIMATE SAUCE THAT IS RELATIVE TO THE POINT YOU ARE TRYING TO PROVE?
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    Unfounded rumour: Hackers planning third attack on Sony

    IF IT WAS ANON THEY WOULD HAVE SAID SO! They are the kind of group that needs people on their side in any situation and obviously declaring any small sort of victory like this would get people to stick with it. It could be someone who usually is a part of anon going rogue which would explain the...
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    Anonymous Calls up SCEA President, Sends Pizzas

    Anonymous: "So I heard you like pizza" Tretton: FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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