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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    Hi, where to find legit update pkg from sony server at the moment? I think and are both down already. Thanks!
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    Hardware How are these laptops?

    Hubs are not a must but they sure are convenient. Instead of attaching and detaching 4/5 cables every time you move the laptop, now it's just one. And they become quite cheap recently. The RAM upgrade is definitely worth it. I'm regretting my 8GB even though I don't game that much.
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    Hardware How are these laptops?

    The difference in specs is minimal though so I think the 200 extra is not worth it. You should get a Type C Hub in any case.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Tesla - The Nintendo Switch Overlay Menu

    I have a weird problem with the overlay that makes it very hard to toggle cheats on/off. I have to click A or touch several times for it to work. How can I fix this?
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    Homebrew Discussion Tinfoil: hateful messages?

    Disgusting, didn't notice it too. But I simply don't care. It's not like one random message or two will change my way of thinking, or I am spreading the message by using it. Simply don't care at all.
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    Homebrew What do these files mean? They like filled up my sd card and I can't delete them.

    Not enough info - but if they are on your SD then they aren't that important. I suggest making a backup folder on your PC, then delete them and see what happens.
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    Homebrew Change SD Card to 400 or 512 GB - Will it work with AMS? FAT32 will handle ?

    The equivalent price in Euro is about the same here in Germany so I'd say go for it. Check for return policy first though.
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    Hacking Fastest way to transfer ps3 HD to higher capacity

    You can use the Backup to USB Utility (somewhere under System Settings), put the new HDD in and choose restore from USB.
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    Comment by 'windhazard' in 'I'm Free'

    Till you realize you now have to cook and clean and much more by yourself. I mean it's good to be independent in the end, but not that good.
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    Hacking Discussion Is not burning e fuses still relevant at this point?

    The convenience of having a possible coldboot is never worth the trouble of keeping fuses.
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    Homebrew Is there an ftp app that actually doesn't crash while transferring data?

    It's funny how OP still doesn't understand the right attitude when asking for help ...
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    Hardware Europe, best place to buy SX gear + licence?

    No it's one license key. Why would they ship a free version when it's downloadable on TX's website?
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    Hacking where to buy a pre-patched switch in the UK?

    Why not look on ebay for used ones and ask for when it was purchased. If it's before May 2018 then it's safe.
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    Gaming Will the Switch receive a price cut in 2019?

    It was 330€ when it first came out here in Germany, dropped to 270€-290€ since then and now I am looking at 229€ Black Friday deals.
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    Hacking Discussion Will SXOS dominate Switch CFW scene?

    Firstly, "dominating" is very much exaggerated since free CFW is fully functional without these. Secondly, is it that much of a surprise to you that when someone gets paid, they deliver more? Scene devs just do it as their hobby and own challenge and are under no pressure whatsoever. We are...
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