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Nov 16, 2016
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    I play video games. The end.
    So yeah. We go to a bar, we have like 8 drinks of hard shit and then 2 beers. He's facing away from me like the entire night, but he was the one who wanted to go out with me... he was always "obsessed" with me. So I sorta ask him if I could kiss him. He smiles and said yeah, so I did. I make out with him for like, idk.. mad long.

    Then I put a starburst im my mouth and we make out with it, he eats it out of my mouth.. no problem. He vibing me apparently. Tongue and all now.. its like 4am!!! WE BOTH HAVE WORK at 8am. We in his car, he droping me off at home.. we makin out again. I grab his cock and rub and he doesn't stop me, I do it for like 5min and then when I try to go in his pants he pushin me away. I say "just a little" and he's like "no". I'm like, wow. So that continues like 20min.. I get ontop of him and out of frustration I bite the fuck out of him all over his neck LOL. He turns me over and dry humps me a good 10min, but still WONT let me in his pants.

    His excuse was that I was "drunK". I WANST THO.. wow, I was coherant, just a bit tipsy. Then the shit happen again after we went to see that shitty freddy remake at the movies... idk, I been wit this guy for like 3 months now. He's a disapointment and not fun at ALL, but I still try to give him chances. Now he wants to be just friends?? Why did he even bother with me.. fag wasted my time and im sexual frustrated now